Proposal: Fight for Love

I did a surprise proposal, & it went surprisingly well. Here’s the song lyrics & words of my own that I used to propose to the love of my life, Rory:

Dear Rory,

There’s something I can’t quite explain: I’m so in love with you/You never take that away

You’re never second best,
you’re my one, completely

Where you go,
I will follow you.
Where you go,
I’m going too.

You’re the love of my life. I can’t believe how fast six years has flown by. It’s a long time that feels—honestly—like nothing at all.

I want to spend six more years by your side. I want to spend six decades with you.

You lift me up whenever I’m down. You help me laugh even when I’m sleepy. You’ve loved me through rainy, cloudy days & through sunny ones.

I just want to know…Would you marry me?


edited 1.4.2021]


Fat Goals

When you’re heavier,

you can’t just wear anything

When you’ve gained weight

from medications,

your stomach poofs out

bit by bit

until you look like you’re pregnant

When you’re going up in size,

you wonder why the hell is this happening to me?

Your pants no longer fit

your cup size goes up, too

your middle has more density

than it’s ever had before

At this point,

I’d rather be depressed & skinny

than happy & fat



Lists upon Lists

Guten morgen, everyone!

Today’s the day in which I compose my Christmas list. While I won’t tell you everything that I want (because it’s more of a want than a need), I do really like reading and knitting.


Why I Write LGBTQ+ Characters

LGBTQ pride flag
  1. While I am not a person who identifies as LGBTQ+, I do identify as an ally. I’m very passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, and read and think about these issues a great deal.
  2. I have friends who are LGBTQ+. I fully love and support every one of them.



I’m very manic right now, and struggling with insomnia. As I write this, I’m up at the crack of dawn, writing this because I’m unable to sleep. I’ve been struggling to sleep a full night for several days now.


On Love

My boyfriend lives two hours away from me. While I’m fortunate that this is all the distance that’s separating us, I still miss seeing him in person. I miss him even more now that the Corona virus is keeping us safely indoors. Thankfully, I had the chance to see him over Valentine’s Day, where we spent three bliss-filled days in each other’s presence. We went to a movie, visited several antique stores, and hung out around my house.


On Editing a Book

Hello, dear reader!

For those of you who don’t know, I finished writing a sci-fi book. I finally figured out the title, which I’ll keep a secret until I’m ready to publish it.

I’m enjoying typing out what I’ve written, and have found that my chapters are much longer than I remember. (No wonder I have only like twenty-seven chapters in my book!)


Afghan Blanket Update!

I’m almost done with my moss stitch lap blanket.

Several months–and many books later–I’m steadily knitting and purling my way towards the end of my afghan. It’s been a new challenge for me, because it’s been years since I tried following a pattern. The projects I normally did in the past were scarves, where I would knit a row, and then purl a row. At the very least, this made very good at purling and knitting. I was more than happy to take on this project, because it alternates between knitting and purling.


Writing Goals 2020

Hello, there!

Recently, I’ve been listening to the podcast Write Now by Sarah Werner. In one of her podcasts, she talks about forming writing goals and sticking to them. One of her suggestions is to pick a number, like a certain number of pages, or a certain word count, and sticking to this reasonable goal.

I like the idea of wanting to write 200 words every day. It’s a manageable amount. It’s not too terrifying, and yet it’s doable.


Breaking Millennial non-Traditions

Hello, there!

I want to break some millennial traditions during my lifetime. I don’t just want to live with my boyfriend someday, I want to marry him. He’s my best friend, my steadfast love, someone I can count on to be with me through thick and thin.

I want a ring.

Someday, maybe, I’ll have two kids. I’d be happy with two boys or two girls, or even a boy and a girl. I’ve created names for potential kids, though I have a little harder time coming up with girl names.

I’m definitely not ready for any of these things. I’m happy with just being with my boyfriend and letting our relationship grow and expand. We’re still young, and we’ve got all the time in the world for our relationship to mature.

Here’s to the future,

19 Things from 2019

Hello, dear reader!

As I approach the New Year here in America, I want to look back on all the fun and fantastic things I did this year. As always, this year went by pretty fast. It doesn’t seem real that we’re already going to enter a new millennium. It all feels quite strange. I’m excited and a little nervous about the new decade to begin, but I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way.

In any case, I’m looking forward to a new decade, where I want bigger and better changes to happen in our world.


Writing Thank You’s in the Digital Age

Hello, dear reader!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I love this time of year, not only because of my Christian faith, but because of the time I spend with my family.