Proposal: Fight for Love

I did a surprise proposal, & it went surprisingly well. Here’s the song lyrics & words of my own that I used to propose to the love of my life, Rory: Dear Rory, There’s something I can’t quite explain: I’m so in love with you/You never take that away You’re never second best,you’re my one,Continue reading “Proposal: Fight for Love”

Fat Goals

When you’re heavier, you can’t just wear anything When you’ve gained weight from medications, your stomach poofs out bit by bit until you look like you’re pregnant When you’re going up in size, you wonder why the hell is this happening to me? Your pants no longer fit your cup size goes up, too yourContinue reading “Fat Goals”

Lists upon Lists

Guten morgen, everyone! Today’s the day in which I compose my Christmas list. While I won’t tell you everything that I want (because it’s more of a want than a need), I do really like reading and knitting.


Hello there! Today will be a great day, and here’s why: Today, I started using an app called Ommwriter. 

Why I Write LGBTQ+ Characters

While I am not a person who identifies as LGBTQ+, I do identify as an ally. I’m very passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, and read and think about these issues a great deal. I have friends who are LGBTQ+. I fully love and support every one of them.


I’m very manic right now, and struggling with insomnia. As I write this, I’m up at the crack of dawn, writing this because I’m unable to sleep. I’ve been struggling to sleep a full night for several days now.