Stickers, Stencils, & Washi-Tape, Oh My!

I’ve finally figured out how people have such lovely habit trackers in their bullet journals: they use stencils or stickers. I’m still somewhat new to everything bullet journal, since I’m getting better only recently in my bullet journaling.

New Year, New Bullet Journal

This January, I recently made the decision to create a new bullet journal. With a new Moleskin dot grid notebook, a set of washi tape, & new Mildliner pens in hand, I excitedly began my new journey.

Back to a BuJo

Good morning, everybody! I’ve recently decided to go back to bullet journaling, or buju for short. I’ve tried to bullet journal once before, back in 2018, but struggled to capture the overall form of it. At first glance, bullet journaling can seem a little overwhelming. But, once you watch and read the rundown on theContinue reading “Back to a BuJo”