Stickers, Stencils, & Washi-Tape, Oh My!

I’ve finally figured out how people have such lovely habit trackers in their bullet journals: they use stencils or stickers. I’m still somewhat new to everything bullet journal, since I’m getting better only recently in my bullet journaling.

As a somewhat newbie to the bujo community, I recently figured out how to Google things like, “bullet journal ideas” and “bullet journal stickers.” On Etsy, I looked up the words “bullet journal stickers” and found an endless treasure trove of ways to spice up my obvious lack of drawing skills: with well-drawn stickers! There’s seasonal stickers, mood tracking stickers, pretty much anything you could dream in terms of bullet journaling needs.

I love how pretty the stickers are, and how they will help my bujo look neat and pretty. I don’t really post my bujo to Instagram, but I just might get in the habit of sharing my personal style there. I’m not good at drawing, and when I do draw, it looks like a kid made them. I admire people who can draw and create such cool and beautiful things with their hands.

I’m excited to try using stickers to help give my bujo some flare and attention. I use a minimalist style for my bullet journal, because this helps keep me from feeling overwhelmed. I also use my bullet journal to track habits that are important to me, keep a daily schedule, and journal about what’s happening each day. I used to journal in this bigger notebook–and while I still have it–I don’t use it as frequently as I used to. A bullet journal helps me keep everything in one place, with everything that I consider important in it.

Do you bullet journal? What’s your bujo look like?

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