Hamilton comes to Disney+!

Today’s the day, everyone!

If you’ve ever wanted to see one of the most amazing plays in history, now’s your chance!

Hamilton tells the story of one Alexander Hamilton, a man who was self-made, and self-taught. He learned how to become a part of history by taking control, and by being a little full of himself sometimes.

This is one of the plays that I got to see in New York with my family. It was positively amazing!

Here’s to Hamilton Day,

Meghan B.

The Wonderful World of Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a huge part of my childhood.

Growing up, my dad started reading the books to me when I was quite little. When the first book was published, I was around six or seven years old. By the time the book series ended, I was still listening to Dad read Harry Potter to me, even though I could’ve read them on my own.

I also listened to Harry Potter voraciously on my own, using the Jim Dale audiobooks to listen to them on my own. I would often draw scenes from the books, or in later years, be knitting.

I had the first five books on cassette tape, and the last two on CD. #throwbacktohe90s. Now, I’ll be listening to those same books on Audible.

As an adult, I want to return to the world of Harry Potter. The magic, the mystery, and the adventure (as well as the Quidditch) keeps me wanting to return. I remember being obsessed with wizarding world, and still am, Muggle that I am.

I miss re-reading the series, and will soon be returning to Platform 9 and 3/4.

I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good,


Darkest Dungeon

Ruin has come to our family.

Darkest Dungeon opening.

Darkest Dungeon is one my favorite dungeon crawler games. What makes this game special is how you play the game. You not only face down various monsters, but your band of heroes are effected by everything around them, including the amount of light–or lack thereof–in the dungeons. What’s compelling is the gothic Lovecraftian setting, and the sharp, clever writing.

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Oh My My

Blue October has released a new single.

“Oh My My” is a narrative song about falling in love with someone. It’s catchy, fun, and cheerful. The speaker is a guy who has been struck dumb by the sight of a sad, but pretty, woman. He’s a “sucker for your oh my my”, her dangerous side, and promises to catch her when she falls. He hopes that she’ll return the favor.

I’m excited for Blue October’s new album What I Live For to drop. I love when they come out with new music!

The Power of Books

Guten morgen, dear reader!

I recently read a wonderful article about a woman who helped bring joy and escape to a group of children during the Holocaust. Helen Fagin, a Holocaust survivor, talks about how books save lives in a letter which can be found in The Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader. In her letter, she describes how books were carefully hidden and read only once a night, to keep from being discovered.

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Dessa is a female rapper. She’s also known as a member of the rapping collective Doomtree, a group out of Minneapolis. What drew Dessa to Doomtree was “their raw aesthetics and unique sound” (Wikipedia).

“Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa has made a career of bucking genres and defying expectations” (Dessa Wanderer). Dessa’s latest album Chime was a favorite of NPR’s Favorite Albums of 2018.

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A Beginner’s Guide to A Little Life

  1. You will become obsessed with the characters. That’s a given.
  2. Be prepared to cry. Have Kleenex at the ready.
  3. If you don’t love the name Jude, you will be the end of the novel.
  4. If you don’t feel bad for these characters, then you’re heartless.
  5. You’ll feel the aftereffects of the novel days, years afterwards. It’s that powerful.
  6. You’ll want to re-read the book, even though it’ll destroy you again.
  7. You’ll want to visit New York and find the streets mentioned in A Little Life.
  8. You’ll want to buy an actual copy of the book. I know I do.
  9. You’ll probably become obsessed with everything related to A Little Life.
  10. The emotional roller coaster in other books pale in comparison.
  11. The 724-pages fly by.
  12. x = x.

New Music Downloads

I do listen to other bands than just Blue October.

I love indie rap, Rammstein, Blind Guardian, Imogen Heap, Atmosphere, Dessa, Doomtree, and tons of scores by famous composers like John Williams, Philip Glass, and some up and coming composers, like Hildur Gudnadttir. I hadn’t heard of her until I watched the show Chernobyl which had me struggling to fall asleep without the lights on. What Hildur Gudnadttir does for music is thrilling, leaving you shivering with tingles from how powerful her music is. She’s a master at writing music, creating top-notch scores.

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I purchased Joker on a bit of a whim, thinking that I would give this film a chance. I’d heard great things about the latest installment to the DC universe. I’ve never been one to read the Batman comics, but I’ve loved the movies. I also was curious as to how the Joker became the psychopath that he is.

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My 6 Favorite Rammstein Songs

I’ve recently become engrossed in the music of Rammstein, a German metal band. I love the lead singer’s voice, love how he rolls his R’s, and how the lyrics of their songs aren’t too hard to learn. I love catching how the lines to songs sound like they rhyme, which is fun. As someone who is German and English heritage-wise, it’s fun to hear German being spoken and sung.

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The Perfection

I watched this film on Halloween night. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how good it was, considering I knew nothing of the actual plot.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Charlotte are both prodigies of an elite music school, one where young girls are trained to become amazing musicians. When they meet in Shanghai, Charlotte gushes over Lizzie, and Lizzie tells her to not be so nervous. They are both each other’s idols. Fueled by a mutual attraction, they end up in bed. Lizzie explains she’s going away on a trip, because she has time off for the first time in forever. Charlotte agrees. The next morning bodes ill for Lizzie: she has a hangover, and is in desperate need of ibuprofen. Charlotte gives her some, and they continue their whirlwind journey.

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I just finished this game. To tell you the truth, it was amazing. It’s been in my queue for quite some time, and I purchased Oxenfree on a whim two days ago. The soundtrack is great, full of luscious electronic tracks, and really fits the feel of the game, whether you’re traveling through the woods or visiting with ghosts.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
Chernobyl HBO series poster.

This five-part miniseries scared me. I had trouble sleeping, and often went to bed with the light on for long periods of time. While I knew a little of what happened in the late ’80s with the faulty reactor, I did not know everything. While there are flaws to the show–like representing radiation as though it were a virus–the feel of the miniseries is powerful, thought-provoking, and the stuff of nightmares.

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