The Legend of Korra: a Worthy Sequel

The Legend of Korra focuses on the next installment in the Avatar Cycle. As young Korra–who is the Avatar, and is able to bend three of the four natural elements–proudly displays her abilities to a small group of adults, she shows that she’s clearly capable and very headstrong.

Hamilton comes to Disney+!

Today’s the day, everyone! If you’ve ever wanted to see one of the most amazing plays in history, now’s your chance! Hamilton tells the story of one Alexander Hamilton, a man who was self-made, and self-taught. He learned how to become a part of history by taking control, and by being a little full ofContinue reading “Hamilton comes to Disney+!”

Darkest Dungeon

Ruin has come to our family. Darkest Dungeon opening. Darkest Dungeon is one my favorite dungeon crawler games. What makes this game special is how you play the game. You not only face down various monsters, but your band of heroes are effected by everything around them, including the amount of light–or lack thereof–in theContinue reading “Darkest Dungeon”

Oh My My

Blue October has released a new single. “Oh My My” is a narrative song about falling in love with someone. It’s catchy, fun, and cheerful. The speaker is a guy who has been struck dumb by the sight of a sad, but pretty, woman. He’s a “sucker for your oh my my”, her dangerous side,Continue reading “Oh My My”

The Power of Books

Guten morgen, dear reader! I recently read a wonderful article about a woman who helped bring joy and escape to a group of children during the Holocaust. Helen Fagin, a Holocaust survivor, talks about how books save lives in a letter which can be found in The Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader.Continue reading “The Power of Books”


Dessa is a female rapper. She’s also known as a member of the rapping collective Doomtree, a group out of Minneapolis. What drew Dessa to Doomtree was “their raw aesthetics and unique sound” (Wikipedia). “Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa has made a career of bucking genres and defying expectations” (Dessa Wanderer). Dessa’s latest album ChimeContinue reading “Dessa”

London Spy

Two young men fall in love. Then, something awful happens.