New Music Downloads

I do listen to other bands than just Blue October.

I love indie rap, Rammstein, Blind Guardian, Imogen Heap, Atmosphere, Dessa, Doomtree, and tons of scores by famous composers like John Williams, Philip Glass, and some up and coming composers, like Hildur Gudnadttir. I hadn’t heard of her until I watched the show Chernobyl which had me struggling to fall asleep without the lights on. What Hildur Gudnadttir does for music is thrilling, leaving you shivering with tingles from how powerful her music is. She’s a master at writing music, creating top-notch scores.

After that info-drop on you, I will let you know that yes, I did purchase some new music.

I’ve been wanting to buy more music that Rammstein’s created, because their sound and material is unique. I love the German language, and have been listening furiously to them ever since I gave them another go recently last year. I first learned about Rammstein in high school, in eleventh grade, from a classmate. Rammstein (which roughly translates to as battering ram), is a German band full of powerful lyrics, haunting narratives, and beautiful piano pieces.

Here’s someone playing a cover of the piano version of “Wo Bist Du”:

Here’s what I bought on iTunes recently:

  1. Toss a Coin to Your Witcher from the Netflix show
  2. Rammlied from Liebe ist fur alle da by Rammstein
  3. The Happy Song by Imogen Heap
  4. Reise, Reise album by Rammstein
  5. Live from Manchester by Blue October

I’m excited to listen to all of these, because I’ve been wanting some new music for a while. I also re-downloaded A Little Wicked by Valarie Broussard, because it wasn’t showing up on my iTunes list.

I love listening to music, because it’s all so unique and powerful. A huge thank you to everyone who’s every had a dream of sharps and flats in their head!

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