I was only 10 years old when 9/11 happened. It started just like any other day: I got up, ate breakfast, and went to my elementary school. But when I got to my classroom, something was noticeably different: the TV was on. Something terrible was happening, something I didn’t quite fully grasp, but knew itContinue reading “9/11”

Les Miserables

“Another Story Must Begin” This is one of my favorite plays. I’ve memorized all the songs, and know the story quite well. But one thing was missing: I hadn’t read the famous book yet. A year ago now, I embarked on what was to be an epic journey: reading the translated English version of LesContinue reading “Les Miserables”

Stickers, Stencils, & Washi-Tape, Oh My!

I’ve finally figured out how people have such lovely habit trackers in their bullet journals: they use stencils or stickers. I’m still somewhat new to everything bullet journal, since I’m getting better only recently in my bullet journaling.

Real Life

Wallace is a Black, queer student attending a Midwestern university. He’s “at odds” with everything in his life: his (vastly) White peers, and his friends. Wallace hasn’t escaped the trauma of his youth; he’s gone straight from Alabama to college. Here, he’s singled out because he’s Black, because he’s not straight, and because he’s madeContinue reading “Real Life”

20 Things I did in my 20s

Birthday Girl Backstory March 1 is my birthday. I can’t believe I’m turning 30! (Squeals.) The big 3-0 isn’t just another number to me, it’s a testament to surviving a very premature birth. I was lucky because I had only a few things go wrong because I was born so early. I was supposed toContinue reading “20 Things I did in my 20s”

I’m a Pear Shape Now, But a Happy Pear

I’ve always been a skinny girl. I say girl because lately as a woman, I’ve started gaining weight. One of my medications, which does cause weight gain, has done just that: caused me to put on some pounds. When I say some, I mean a steady rapid increase of 50 pounds.

The Best Thing

Is going to a friend’s house & seeing how they’ve changed. How her voice is getting higher & her hair is getting longer. The best thing happens when you’re snuggling, talking about nothing in particular, just before you fall asleep. The most stressful thing is seeing your fiancé fake-run around the house with a veryContinue reading “The Best Thing”

Dear Jude II

Dear Jude, I miss your cleaning. I miss hearing you trot out arpeggios on the piano in the middle of the night, when you can’t sleep, when you can’t quite grasp reality. I miss your cooking. I miss the sound of your voice, even when you’re angry. I miss the looks you shared with Willem;Continue reading “Dear Jude II”

The Book of Longings

“I am Ana. I am the wife of Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth. All my life, longings lived inside of me, rising up like nocturnes to wail and sing through the night. That my husband bent his heart to mine on our thin straw mat and listened was the kindness I most loved in him.Continue reading “The Book of Longings”

Little Fires Everywhere

In Shaker Heights, the Richardson family lives a comfortable life. They rent out their rental home to Mia and her daughter, Pearl. Mia and her daughter turn out to be interesting people, someone Mrs. Richardson can’t stop thinking about. She begins to obsessively hunt for clues about Mia’s life, determined to find out more. InContinue reading “Little Fires Everywhere”

Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury’s classic futuristic novel focuses on a world in which firemen burn books instead of putting out fires. Guy Montag, a fireman, has his whole world turned upside down when he begins taking books from houses. He begins to question everything, thanks to his new neighbor Clarisse. Once he learns that books are sacred,Continue reading “Fahrenheit 451”

Dear Reader

Hello, dear reader! What would you like to see more of from my blog posts? I know it’s a simple question, but one that you get to help me with. I’ve been writing this blog mostly for myself, without thinking about the most important person: You. You’re the reason why I keep writing, why I’mContinue reading “Dear Reader”