Curse My Name: A Breakdown

Blind Guardian’s “Curse My Name,” reminds me of something. It clicked in my head only just this morning.

For a song coming from 2010, it has strong resemblance to our current political climate.

“Curse My Name” is a rousing song, telling the story of a tyrannical king being brought forth for his crimes. As the crowd gathered (or that’s how it appears in my head whenever I listen) watches, he is tried guilty, and the crowd around him rejoice.

Donald Trump is clearly hiding something. I’m certain Russia has something on him; Putin has something on him. It could even be somethings, for all we know.

Trump likes to fashion himself a king; he fashions himself as someone in charge, when really he acts like an obstinate child, bullying people and whining until he gets his way. He’s brainwashed people into thinking he’s doing their work and their hopes and dreams justice, but he’s doing the complete opposite. He’s cutting valuable ties with our allies, ruining years of hard work by other more impressive presidents.

He acts like he’s in a boardroom meeting. He acts like he can do this, playing president. He can’t. It’s that obvious.

“Curse My Name” reveals the fate of the tyrannical king: he’s charged for his crimes and put to death. But first, we must find out why.

“They plead for their king/and they pity their lord/put him to death, that’s what I say,” the speaker of the song sings. He believes that the will of the people hasn’t been heard. In short, the people want their king dead.

Ruled by kings and those under them, the people of England are sick of it. The speaker gives us a clue as to the king’s un-trustworthiness: “Falsely they praise/deify his majesty/”He’s blessed with the anointed/fulfilling God’s will”/Curse them all/No further he’s king/Providence brought him straight into our hands.” The speaker reveals that some people in Britain believe that their king is speaking with God’s voice–much like the belief that the Pope speaks with God’s voice–but this, the speaker reveals to us, is false.

Some people believe that Trump is doing good works, when he clearly is destroying everything our democracy stands for.

As the king is being led to his death, the crowd chants: “We won’t take it anymore/Our voice it will be heard/We won’t take it anymore/But I will remember the truth/We won’t take it anymore/Our voice it will be heard/We won’t take it anymore/But I will remember the truth.” The speaker reveals the power that the crowd now has over the king, and kill him.

Trump’s death should be a metaphorical one, one where he is brought to justice, one where he is deposed and his self-declared reign ends.

“Curse My Name”, Blind Guardian, 2010

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