Dessa is a female rapper. She’s also known as a member of the rapping collective Doomtree, a group out of Minneapolis. What drew Dessa to Doomtree was “their raw aesthetics and unique sound” (Wikipedia).

“Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa has made a career of bucking genres and defying expectations” (Dessa Wanderer). Dessa’s latest album Chime was a favorite of NPR’s Favorite Albums of 2018.

In short, Dessa is a powerhouse when it comes to words. She’s one of my favorite rappers, and she kicks you in the teeth with her wordage. She can rap fast, make beautiful melodies, and uses language in fresh ways. Her work with Doomtree is great, too, because she stands out whenever she raps.

I haven’t read her book, or seen her in concert, but I really want to. She’s an inspiration to me as a writer.

Dessa is one of my favorite indie rappers because she weaves stories into her song narratives. She’s not afraid to talk about patriarchy, defy the norms, and be an overall badass.

Some of my favorite songs include “Children’s Work,” “Poor Atlas,” “Call off your Ghost,” “Skeleton Key,” “Sound the Bells,” and everything from Chime. That album is chock full of favorites for me. I cannot wait to listen to her concert with the Minnesota Orchestra!

Writing can be a tricky process. It takes a lot sometimes to just put something, anything down on the page.

But for Dessa, it never seems like she runs out of ideas. Her raps never get dull; they only get sharper as her discography continues to grow.

Dessa is one of my personal heroes because of how strong and smart she is. She’s an inspiration to me as a woman and as a writer.


“Call off your Ghost”

“Sound the Bells”

“Children’s Work”

“5 out of 6”


On the off-chance that you haven’t heard of Dessa, now’s the time to check out her work. It’s incredible. She never disappoints her listeners.

Here’s her website.

Here’s to Dessa and all the hard work and cool songs she makes,

Meghan B.

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