Jesus Christ Superstar

Two angels are bowed reverently on the red curtain. The curtain almost looks like a tapestry, or a mural on a wall.


Sam’s an astronaut, and just two weeks before he’s due home, he starts to hallucinate.

New Music Downloads

I do listen to other bands than just Blue October. I love indie rap, Rammstein, Blind Guardian, Imogen Heap, Atmosphere, Dessa, Doomtree, and tons of scores by famous composers like John Williams, Philip Glass, and some up and coming composers, like Hildur Gudnadttir. I hadn’t heard of her until I watched the show Chernobyl whichContinue reading “New Music Downloads”


I purchased Joker on a bit of a whim, thinking that I would give this film a chance. I’d heard great things about the latest installment to the DC universe. I’ve never been one to read the Batman comics, but I’ve loved the movies. I also was curious as to how the Joker became theContinue reading “JOKER”

The Perfection

I watched this film on Halloween night. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how good it was, considering I knew nothing of the actual plot. Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Charlotte are both prodigies of an elite music school, one where young girls are trained to become amazing musicians. When they meet in Shanghai, Charlotte gushes overContinue reading “The Perfection”

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is part-horse, part-human, and all around stubborn.


I just finished this game. To tell you the truth, it was amazing. It’s been in my queue for quite some time, and I purchased Oxenfree on a whim two days ago. The soundtrack is great, full of luscious electronic tracks, and really fits the feel of the game, whether you’re traveling through the woodsContinue reading “Oxenfree”


This five-part miniseries scared me. I had trouble sleeping, and often went to bed with the light on for long periods of time. While I knew a little of what happened in the late ’80s with the faulty reactor, I did not know everything. While there are flaws to the show–like representing radiation as thoughContinue reading “Chernobyl”