The Music of Castlevania

Trevor Morris composes a rich world, one fraught with danger. The music for Castlevania is really good, one that captures the adventure and treacherous land of Wallacia, in the 1400s. Morris has done a fantastic job of creating a memorable atmosphere with his score. I love the theme for this TV show, which captures the adventure and danger present in the show.

Castlevania is based loosely off of the video game of the same name: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. (I haven’t played the video game, but Rory has. It’s one of his favorite older video games.)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

I love the orchestra & the use of a choir for the soundtrack. It fuels the intensity & danger of the anime. The show itself is fraught with both human and supernatural monsters. Some of these creatures are demons, while others are wicked people.

Bells, drums, and vocals drive this soundtrack. These sounds present a soundscape for the dangerous road ahead for our heroes: Trevor Bellmont, Alucard, and the mage Speaker.

One of my favorite songs is the one in which Trevor fights Alucard. He’s a monster hunter fighting an old vampire, and the fight is intense. It shows the viewer how hard it is to fight with a supernatural being, even with training under your belt. Alucard moves with super-human speed and deft grace, while Trevor moves quickly and with judgement. His reaction time to Alucard is amazing, quick and on the offensive.

Overall, this is a unique soundtrack. It’s memorable, fun, and foreboding. I’m looking forward to more epic music by Morris for Castlevania. I’m excited for the next season! I want to know what awaits our heroes and their adventures as monster hunters.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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