My 6 Favorite Rammstein Songs

I’ve recently become engrossed in the music of Rammstein, a German metal band. I love the lead singer’s voice, love how he rolls his R’s, and how the lyrics of their songs aren’t too hard to learn. I love catching how the lines to songs sound like they rhyme, which is fun. As someone who is German and English heritage-wise, it’s fun to hear German being spoken and sung.

I didn’t study German in school. (There was an option in college, but I stuck with French, since I’d taken that in high school.) I know very little German, personally. But I’m learning by listening to Rammstein songs and looking up their translations in English.

Rammstein writes about everything from their country’s history to sex, from clubbing to, of all things, a love song.

Here’s some of my favorite Rammstein songs:

1. Sonne

This song is about waiting for the Sun to rise.

2. Reise, Reise

“Reise, Reise” is about mutiny on a ship.

The English translation can be found here.

3. Morgenstern

“Morningstar” is about a girl who is called ugly, so she must hide her face during the day. At night, she pleads with the morning star to make her beautiful.

German and English translations can be found here.

4. Mein Land

“My Country” is about not being accepted while traveling, or in this case, going on tour.

Lyrics and translations can be found here.

5. Diamant

“Diamond” is about falling out of love with someone.

The English translation can be found here.

6. Weit Weg

“Far Away” is about becoming more distant with your love, even though you’re very close in proximity to that special person. The full song, with lyrics, can be found on Spotify. I can’t for the life of me find an actual recording of the song other than instrumental ones on YouTube.

The translations can be found here.

Thanks for listening,
Meghan B.

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