She’s Baaack!

Dessa’s Chime

Dessa’s is back in business! Her singing is as powerful as ever; her raps are as crisp as a freshly printed piece of paper.

She’s one of my favorite female rappers: strong, fierce, and unafraid to be honest. She’s part of the sick indie group known as Doomtree. I know those of you in the Doom Unit are probably wondering why I’m listening to Chime a year after it’s release, but I seriously just got it tonight. I’m already blown away. Dessa can do no wrong.

I’m so stoked for this album, I called my sister to tell her. One of Abbie’s old violin profs is getting to play with Dessa, which is so cool!

When Dessa touches music, she leaves you breathless with amazement. Yes, she swears at times, but with a point. Otherwise, it would be throwing dull darts at the board. When Dessa raps, she’s “got no rivals now.”

Keep kickin’ ass, Dessa. You do good work!

“5 Out of 6” from the album Chime.

“Velodrome” from the album Chime. Listen for the strings!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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