Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is part-horse, part-human, and all around stubborn.

Princess Caroline, while she isn’t a princess, must fend for herself in life. She’s a cat, someone who must continue to try to land on her own two feet.

Todd, Bojack’s long-time roommate, evolves the most on the show. He goes from being a guy living on Bojack’s couch rent-free, to someone who played in an orchestra, won a race–through hilarious means–and comes out as asexual. He’s one of my favorite minor characters, because he’s normally so honest and so funny. During an early episode of season one, he runs out of the room shouting, “I’m helping!” as he goes to get food.

This has truly been an amazing ride. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve been shocked at the things Bojack does, like throwing the doll his elderly mother thinks is a real baby off the landing of his house. (That did not go over well with me.)

All of these characters grow and mature–well, some of them do–as the series progresses. There are meaningful episodes on things like abortion, women’s work lives, and falling back into a drug habit. There are funny episodes that feature just Todd and his shenanigans, which I love. (I also enjoy the fact that he’s voiced by Aaron Paul, who’s a great actor.)

I haven’t watched season 6 yet, but this is my early farewell to such a fantastic show. I started watching Bojack Horseman on a whim, and am so glad I did. (I’m used to shows that are a little weird, let’s say, because I’ve watched a lot of anime with my boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some anime, it’s just that some of the plots and places in anime aren’t quite what you’d normally expect. Which is awesome.)

I love the use of taking people’s traits, like stubbornness, and creating a character around it. I love the artwork, which is actually drawn for once, in a world gobbling up CGI.

If you love irreverent, cynical, and honest adult animation, this show is for you. I recommend trying this show, even if it looks weird. Trust me, you’ll love it. You’ll grow to like these characters, who are about as real and original as you can get these days.

Thanks for a wonderful ride,


Season 6 trailer.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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