Back to a BuJo

Good morning, everybody!

I’ve recently decided to go back to bullet journaling, or buju for short. I’ve tried to bullet journal once before, back in 2018, but struggled to capture the overall form of it. At first glance, bullet journaling can seem a little overwhelming. But, once you watch and read the rundown on the bullet journal, it boils down to this: you’re making you’re own calendars and to-do lists, but in a much more condensed way.

Just what the heck is a bullet journal? How do you do it?

the original bullet journal tutorial

Still confused? It’s okay. Here’s a longer form video about bullet journaling and how you do it:

how to start your bullet journal

This time, I essentially want to keep up with my bullet journal–which I’ve come to understand is a bare-bones form of a calendar and my to-do lists for the day, and for each month. I want to really try my darnedest to stick with this method because it looks cool and handy once you get the hang of it.You can also put in your own categories, too, like tracking how much water you drink each day and tracking your mood every day. As someone who has ADD, depression, and anxiety, this seems like the perfect tool to hone in on what’s most important in my everyday life.

I’m grateful for people who come up with ideas like bullet journals. New organization methods interest me as an adult, because I’m finding that the better I stay organized in my daily life, the better I can achieve the things I want to accomplish in my life. And I don’t want to juggle two separate planners, either. That’s kind of a pain right now.

I want to see how this bare-bones kind of analogizing helps me organize my life. The last time, I just got overwhelmed and didn’t bother to keep it up–unlike my current planner. Yes, it’s already got the dates and calendars written in there, but I really like the look and the feel of the bullet journal. I’m ready to put in the hard work and effort in creating my own organization system, based on Ryder Caroll’s original method. Yes, I’m following the first video, but I’m also finding ways of incorporating what kinds of categories I want into my bullet journal, like tracking if I drink water everyday, which is one of my personal goals because I get tempted to drink pop at work. (I cashier, and staring at coolers with pop and energy drinks can make me lazy and start craving unnecessary sugars.)

The older I get, the more effort I want to put into being organized. I want to achieve my dreams and goals in life, and to be a healthier person. I want to make sure that I’m not frazzled when it comes to figuring out my appointments and planning other commitments in my life. This is ultimately why I want to try bullet journaling again.

Here’s to all you bullet journalers out there! Cheers!

~ Meghan B.

(Photo credit goes to Wikipedia.)

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