Hello there! Today will be a great day, and here’s why:

Today, I started using an app called Ommwriter. 

I want to use this app to create a world-free environment, where I can write and not worry about what’s around me: work, or the stress of trying to find a new job. It seems to help me focus entirely on the world around me. 

It seems like the perfect writing environment for when I want something that’s entirely distraction free. 

So far, it’s helping me get in the zone. It will be a fun writing environment. I just wish it would work with Grammerly. 

So far,  I feel that the distraction-less world around me is really helping me focus. The soundtracks also influence me as well, for when I want an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. 

I like the option of turning off the sounds as well as the keys and just writing in the quiet, too.

I’m excited to blog about Max Eisen’s book, which is a great testimony to the Holocaust. I’m also excited to write about my morning pages experiences, which has helped me focus on my fantasy book.  

This is a great app! I’m so glad that I got it.  The screen setting really helps me feel like I’m writing somewhere in the mountains.

One thing I appreciate is that the payment is a one-time deal, which fits my budget really well. 

Each of the soundtracks are looping, which is nice. The soothing sounds—or soundscapes, like rushing water—helps ground me in what I’m writing. You can also change the fonts, the background, and the sounds of the keystrokes. (I like the ones that remind me of tapping away on a typewriter the best.)

I’m very excited to get more of my sci-fi novel written down using Ommwriter. 

It seems like this app will help me the best, because it’s the most distraction-free app I own. It closes out all the other stuff I’ve got going on my computer. 

I’m trying out the different keystroke sounds. I think that each keystroke goes pretty well with each different song. (I already have some favorites.)

Ommwriter tour on YouTube.

Here’s to great writing apps,

Meghan B.

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