On Love

My boyfriend lives two hours away from me. While I’m fortunate that this is all the distance that’s separating us, I still miss seeing him in person. I miss him even more now that the Corona virus is keeping us safely indoors. Thankfully, I had the chance to see him over Valentine’s Day, where weContinue reading “On Love”

On Editing a Book

Hello, dear reader! For those of you who don’t know, I finished writing a sci-fi book. I finally figured out the title, which I’ll keep a secret until I’m ready to publish it. I’m enjoying typing out what I’ve written, and have found that my chapters are much longer than I remember. (No wonder IContinue reading “On Editing a Book”

Afghan Blanket Update!

I’m almost done with my moss stitch lap blanket. Several months–and many books later–I’m steadily knitting and purling my way towards the end of my afghan. It’s been a new challenge for me, because it’s been years since I tried following a pattern. The projects I normally did in the past were scarves, where IContinue reading “Afghan Blanket Update!”

Writing Goals 2020

Hello, there! Recently, I’ve been listening to the podcast Write Now by Sarah Werner. In one of her podcasts, she talks about forming writing goals and sticking to them. One of her suggestions is to pick a number, like a certain number of pages, or a certain word count, and sticking to this reasonable goal.Continue reading “Writing Goals 2020”

19 Things from 2019

Hello, dear reader! As I approach the New Year here in America, I want to look back on all the fun and fantastic things I did this year. As always, this year went by pretty fast. It doesn’t seem real that we’re already going to enter a new millennium. It all feels quite strange. I’mContinue reading “19 Things from 2019”

Writing Thank You’s in the Digital Age

Hello, dear reader! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I love this time of year, not only because of my Christian faith, but because of the time I spend with my family.

On Listening to Schumann

I discovered this German composer through A Little Life, and have recently been listening to his piano pieces. Listening to Schumann, I recognize how freaking hard his compositions are, but also how rewarding they sound: I think if you can play a piece by Schumann, I think you can play pretty much anything.


My life is changing. I have more energy, energy to stay awake during the day. I wake up now and don’t feel groggy when I head downstairs to eat breakfast. I tend to go to bed earlier than I used to, but this is because I’m taking less naps in the afternoon. I’m reading andContinue reading “Happiness”

On Writing

I’ve loved writing ever since I could form letters. Ever since I knew how to formulate stories through play. As a child, I loved telling stories with my Beanies, Crazy Bones in the sandbox, and German animals. (I’ve played with so many toys; these are the top three.)