Lists upon Lists

Guten morgen, everyone!

Today’s the day in which I compose my Christmas list. While I won’t tell you everything that I want (because it’s more of a want than a need), I do really like reading and knitting.

I’ve been an avid reader and writer and knitter for more than 10 years. I started getting back into bullet journaling this year, and would like a light blue official bullet journal.

I’m excited to try out some interchangeable knitting needles, the kind where you can switch out the actual needles and bands.

During this pandemic, I’ve been reading up a storm, thanks to listening platforms like Audible and Libby. I’ve fallen back in love with podcasts, too.

I love spending quality time with my family, and with my boyfriend (even if it’s become more virtual over the past several years due to work schedules and where we live). I love my family, and couldn’t imagine a Christmas without them. My big little sister is my rock, someone who helps me with fashion choices, hanging out, and getting me motivated to go for walks in the morning.

I love making lists, which is why I love writing everyday in my makeshift bullet journal, which is just a notebook. I would like an actual “official” bullet journal notebook.

One of my favorite books is A Little Life. While I already own the Kindle version, I would re-read the heck out of the physical paperback copy. I’ve made so many highlights in my Kindle, and so many notes over the years re-reading it. I also really want a tote bag with the names of the four main characters, the boys from Hood Hall.

Like I said, I’m excited to ring in the holidays. I love Christmastime, and the magic of feeling like a kid again. I cannot wait to see the presents under the Christmas tree, and listen to Christmas music–like Pentatonix. (They are one of my favorite acapella groups, besides the girls featured in the Pitch Perfect movies.)

What’s one of your favorite things about the most wonderful time of the year?

~ Meghan B.

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