The Last Night of 2020

‘Twas the night before 2021, and all through the house was laughter and good cheer.

2020 has been a rough year for all of us all over the world. I kind of can’t believe that it’s going to be 2021 here in America, in Minnesota, in less than two hours.

My 2020 was a year of good fortune: no one in my family got sick. I’ve got not one but two sweet, funny, and adorable Golden Retrievers. My boyfriend and I are still together, having weathered long periods of distance years before. We already knew how to chat on the phone, how to watch stuff together, and altogether came out on the end of the tunnel stronger than if we hadn’t already been in a long-distance relationship.

Here’s some bullet-point highlights of my 2020:

  • I wrote 190 pages in my fantasy novel & am already thinking of doing a sequel
  • I read 14,135 pages across 33 books
  • I knitted not one, but two blankets: One for my bedspread & one for my sister (I’m working on a third blanket for some friends who are having their first baby)
  • I got into hand lettering & discovering ways to improve my hieroglyphic handwriting
  • My family & I got a new Golden Retriever puppy, Charlie-girl after putting our beloved Doxie Bogan to sleep in February of 2019
  • I finished reading/listening to Les Miserables on Audible. (I’ve loved the play since junior high & have wanted to read the classic novel)

This year was rough in more ways than one in terms of the Corona virus, climate change awareness, but hopeful as well. I’m excited to see what Biden and Harris do during Joe Biden’s presidency; and I am glad to see the rise of movements like Black Lives Matter.

In 2021, I’m excited to begin a new chapter in my life. In March, I’ll turn 30, which is a big deal for me. Here’s some of the things I’m looking forward to in 2021:

  • reading more of the books on my shelves & my Kindle
  • hanging out with my friends & family
  • asking Rory to marry me
  • knitting more scarves & blankets/trying out new knitting patterns
  • making more progress in my fantasy novel
  • blogging more
  • being a healthier person (weight-wise & exercise)

I’m not scared of what 2021 will bring. In fact, I’m quite fortunate and thrilled to be still be here, and lucky to still have the people I love the most around me.

Cheers to 2021,

Meghan B.

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