Hold onto Me

Note: This is not a personal poem. You keep me sane amid the winter’s bite,in between raised webs of scar tissue& sticky streams of blood You keep me warm in this drafty room,using your tender kisses& your fierce hold on me to blot out the chill—the muscles of your biceps & tricepsknotting, bunching, & jumpingContinue reading “Hold onto Me”

a kiss for the robins

on our walk, with snow squeaking underfoot,we pass a yard adorned with a hopping robin. “do you know what you do when you see a robin?dad told me,” my sister tells me. you kiss your thumb,then tap your hands together. I practice the motion of my grandmother:I kiss my thumb, then bump my fists. aContinue reading “a kiss for the robins”

if I lost you

if I lost you,I’d bury myself to the waist in sandalive on the outside, a draining hourglass on the insideI’d ink a little sailboat on the inside of my wristI’d miss your meals of party pizza and pizza rollsI’d miss hearing all of your “boops” instead of “goodbyes”I’d miss your narration as you gamedI’d missContinue reading “if I lost you”


Ash Winters is a novelist; Ash Winters struggles with bipolar 1 disorder, and has severe anxiety. After a one night stand with a gorgeous glitter pirate by the name of Darian Taylor, Ash think that this is it. Yet, he keeps coming back to Darian, a man who talks with a heavy Essex accent, whoContinue reading “Glitterland”

He is Risen!

Guten morgen, everyone! This morning, for me as a Christian, is the morning that Christ rose from the grave. He was in the grave for three days, and on the third day, He defeated death. Now, He’s in heaven with God, after visiting his disciples, who were hiding–frightened–in a room. They feared that they tooContinue reading “He is Risen!”

On Love

My boyfriend lives two hours away from me. While I’m fortunate that this is all the distance that’s separating us, I still miss seeing him in person. I miss him even more now that the Corona virus is keeping us safely indoors. Thankfully, I had the chance to see him over Valentine’s Day, where weContinue reading “On Love”

American Gods

This is the second Neil Gaiman book I’ve read; this is classic Gaiman with some of his best writing. Shadow, who does about three years in prison, cannot wait to get back out into the real world. He has boiled his plans to life outside prison to three things, two of which include taking aContinue reading “American Gods”

My Bullet Journal, 2020

Hello, dear friend! I hope you are doing well and continuing to stay healthy during this tumultuous time.