Legion: The Many Lives of Stephan Leeds

Stephen Leeds isn’t crazy, but his hallucinations are: My name is Stephen Leeds, and I am perfectly sane. My hallucinations, however, are all quite mad (pg. 15). Stephen lives in a huge mansion, where his aspects as he prefers to call his hallucinations, all have their own rooms. His main team consist of people with various skills–such as historian, gunslinger, computer analyst, and coding decryption. Stephen lives alone, with a butler for company–later followed by his butler’s young niece.

When a mysterious camera shows up, one that can take pictures of the past, Stephen and his team of misfits investigate. He’s the one that his contacts get in touch with, because he’s a genius, and a valued asset when it comes to strange mysteries–like the murder of a man with information in his very cells. And when Sandra, the woman who taught him how to control all of his aspects, starts sending him messages, Stephen jumps at the chance to be reunited with her, and save her from a crazy millionaire who wants to make prisons a warped VR experience.

Full of wit, action packed, and various mysteries, Legion is a great series. I loved hearing Oliver Wyman narrate this trilogy, and especially like how he brings characters to life. He makes you feel the emotions of the characters, whether they are sad or angry. He does a very good job at narrating these science fiction novellas, and pulls you in right away.

Legion is a somewhat complex series of novellas, but they are fun once you get the hang of all of the aspects. JC is one of my favorite characters, because he’s always making jokes or neat little quips to Stephen and the other members of Stephen’s crew. I also really liked Steve’s butler Wilson, who was cool. Made me think of Alfred as Batman’s butler.

Without giving much else away, this series is heart-wrenching, especially once you reach the conclusion. For me, it came off as bittersweet, with a way for Stephen to keep his aspects around for company. Overall, this is a fun series, each with its own challenges and conclusions. I recommend these novellas to anyone who loves Brandon Sanderson’s work, as well as science fiction.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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