The Last Sun (The Tarot Sequence # 1)

Rune Saint John is the last surviving member of his father’s Sun Court.

Plot Summary

When Rune is charged with finding Lady Judgement’s son, Addam, he finds himself questioning Addam’s family members and business contacts, even going through the missing man’s apartment for clues as to his whereabouts. When it’s confirmed that Addam was kidnapped, Rune must make a daring rescue, using his sigils to bring Addam out of his captivity.

Along the way, he is met with the monstrosity that took Addam, one that Rune must defeat as well.


I really enjoyed how the magic works in this book: sigils from various important pieces of jewelry or other such items have magical abilities stored in them. One of Rune’s sigils has Bless Fire, an ability that allows him to have flames at his command. With the help of cantrips–simple bits of magic–Rune has a ragtag group of magic at his command.

The Characters

Rune is an interesting person. He makes quips because he can, but deep down he is struggling with the memory of losing his father, as well as everyone else in their court. Sadly, he was abused and tortured the night people were killed; it haunts him still.

Brand is Rune’s Companion and bodyguard. He’s been with Rune since birth, and has trained since childhood to protect him. Brand is also full of jokes and wry humor, but deep down you can tell that he cares about Rune. It comes out whenever Rune asks him to stay behind and not go with him.

Addam is sensitive and caring. He’s handy in a fight, loves to dance, and cares about Rune. He shamelessly drops hints about wanting Rune, but through his gentleness, he becomes Rune’s boyfriend.

Matthias (Max) is the ward that Rune is charged to protect until he comes of age in exchange for the emerald sigil that Max’s grandmother gave to Rune. He’s fae, considered pretty, and wants to help/tag along in Rune’s adventures.

The Tower is the guy who gives Rune jobs, and took him in after the fall of the Sun Throne. He’s pretty mysterious, and I’m not quite sure that he’s telling Rune everything.

The World-building

Atlantis is no more. With the rise of New Atlantis, as well as the discovery of Arcana, these powerful creatures live among ordinary humans. Rune describes the info about the world, which makes for an interesting read. The world-building here is some of the coolest I’ve read about.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this book was really good. I enjoyed the characters and the character development. The magic is fresh and explained really well. The world-building is some of the most unique, and well-laid out that I’ve read in a while.

If you like fast-paced action, well-written characters, and a fun world, The Last Sun is for you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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