#weekendcoffeeshare June-July 2019 Edition (Family Vacation: Oh Canada!) Part 2

Hello again! Welcome back to my adventures in Canada with my family and some of our family friends from the cities. Going to Canada was a wonderful experience, one that I won’t forget.

The scenery was beautiful, there were people from all over the world. The food was wonderful–I ate a lot of fish, because I love salmon. We hiked, we saw tons of wildlife, including wild bears. I love how naturally there are recycle bins in restaurants. We saw Orca whales gather in a pod, which is still one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Our trip changed as we left Canada to go to Seattle, to spend some time at one of the fish markets where they actually throw fish. I got to put gum on the gum wall in Seattle. It’s a beautifully gross place.

Gum wall!

In Seattle, while eating lunch with our cousin Andrew, our car was broken into. My sister had her backpack stolen. This was the sign that a really nice man at a body shop put in our car:

“Please respect others property rights.” Oh, the irony.

In Canada, we hiked, ate really good food (like salmon), and did lots of sightseeing. As I’ve said before, I loved going to Canada. It’s one of my favorite trips, mostly because I was out of the US for the first time. My family and I made some wonderful, amazing memories. I will never forget our summer trip to Canada.

Now, for the second part of our trip.

Fireworks. Our car getting broken into in Seattle while we ate lunch with my cousin Andrew. Driving home in the rain, while I read–or tried to read–Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology.

I loved the fireworks over Puget Sound. The display could be seen across the bay, where we watched from a friend’s house.

Blue fireworks!

Here’s some scenery pictures:

I love the trees in this pic.

The art in Seattle is fun, too.

The ceiling of the previous art piece.

Other than my sister losing her backpack because someone broke into our car, smashing my side of the window, we had a wonderful time in Seattle. (I’m still very sorry, Abbie, that you lost your stuff. I’m glad we were able to replace it.)

On the way home, we went through Yellowstone Park. We drove by, and stopped for, bison. We saw a brown and a black bear.

I loved our time in Seattle. The piece of cardboard held up well against the torrents of rain on our way home. We walked through the market, and watched guys throw fish at the fish market, which was really cool.

Overall, our trip with some family friends was wonderful. We were spoiled with good weather, beautiful signs of wildlife, and lots of good food. I even bought two new books on the trip: The Wolf and the Watchman and Son of a Trickster. I know I’ve repeated myself several times, but I really did love going to Canada. It was the summer vacation of a lifetime.

Thanks for reading,

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