The Power of Books

Guten morgen, dear reader! I recently read a wonderful article about a woman who helped bring joy and escape to a group of children during the Holocaust. Helen Fagin, a Holocaust survivor, talks about how books save lives in a letter which can be found in The Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader.Continue reading “The Power of Books”

Podcasts to Listen to While Staying In

Guten morgen, everyone! I’ve got a lot of podcasts on my phone. Like, so many that I need to stop finding new ones. (Is 106 too many?) Welcome to some of my favorite podcasts, with my annotations. Enjoy!


Dessa is a female rapper. She’s also known as a member of the rapping collective Doomtree, a group out of Minneapolis. What drew Dessa to Doomtree was “their raw aesthetics and unique sound” (Wikipedia). “Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa has made a career of bucking genres and defying expectations” (Dessa Wanderer). Dessa’s latest album ChimeContinue reading “Dessa”

Puppy Days

Since getting our new Golden Retriever puppy last week, life has been pretty busy at our house. It’s been a unique experience, especially because little Charlie is a tornado: she plays, needs to be put out every hour to do her business, and loves to eat and chew her toys. Charlie also likes to nap.Continue reading “Puppy Days”

schootch day

you’re tense, darlinga knot knitted below your shoulderbumps up under the skin of your back you’re stiff, dearlet me help you unwindthat spool of yarnyou’ve been looming overever since breakfast (I’ll rub the ache awayjust like I tugged away the knot in your jeans this afternoon;a delight I then sucked at with my drooling mouth)Continue reading “schootch day”

Back to a BuJo

Good morning, everybody! I’ve recently decided to go back to bullet journaling, or buju for short. I’ve tried to bullet journal once before, back in 2018, but struggled to capture the overall form of it. At first glance, bullet journaling can seem a little overwhelming. But, once you watch and read the rundown on theContinue reading “Back to a BuJo”

A New Puppy!

Hello, everyone! Like the title says, we’re getting a new puppy! She is an eight-week-old golden retriever. Her name is Charlie. I haven’t met her yet because she is in Hood River, Oregon at the moment. But she’ll be home by the time I’m done with work tonight. I promised my sister that I wouldContinue reading “A New Puppy!”

Writing vs. Typing

Note: the image I used for this blog topic comes from Guten morgan, everyone! As a writer, it’s curious to me that writing and typing are two very different things. The first being how you physically get your words on the page, and the second being what medium you use to accomplish this task.Continue reading “Writing vs. Typing”