The Passage

Thirty-two minutes.

All it took was thirty-two minutes for one world to die, and for another to be born.

Amy Harper Bellafronte is just a little girl, no older than six years old, but she possesses an immense power. When the world changes, taking on a new and scary implication–vampires–she becomes one of them. But, she doesn’t have the blood-lust, just the ability to sense the other vampires, as well as a prolonged life.

The Twelve are death row inmates, people meant for death by lethal injection. Twelve men chosen to become infected with a virus that the army plans on using to better their odds in future wars. What transpires changes the world forever, making thousands of people turn into virals–another term for vampires.

Along the way, Amy encounters two FBI agents, Brad Wolgast and his partner Doyle. They try to outrun the virus, but are swept up in it. Sadly, Wolgast is taken up, becoming one of the many vampires that now stalk the changed world.

The story flashes forward ninety-odd years, to Peter and the Colony, a group of people who live under a law they’ve created themselves. They have a place where children grow up, and come to know the truth about the world when they are eight years of age. They have a power station at the Lighthouse, where Michael and Elton run it. The power is running out. Time is running out. And a strange girl appears at the door of the Colony, one who goes by the name Amy. She’s a hundred years old, but looks no older than fourteen.

She’s the answer to saving the world.

The Passage is a long book. At 766 pages, it looks like a daunting read, but flows quite quickly. I read this in 20 days. Once I got the ball rolling, I didn’t want to stop. I was loathe to tear myself from the pages, a little bummed when I’d have to set my book aside and get ready for work. I even toted this massive tome to work, taking time during breaks to get a few pages in.

Justin Cronin writes well, flowing descriptions of the world around him with interesting characters, and tense scenes of suspense. Don’t be afraid by the length; it’s well worth the heft.

Because it ends on a cliffhanger, I’m already setting myself up to read the second book, The Twelve. I’m interested to know how the other two books will pan out, especially after the events of the first novel.

If you love vampires, you should read this book. It’s unlike normal vampire books, which is nice. It’s full of action, moments of peace, and moments of intense suspense.

I’m eager to dive into The Twelve.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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