Writing Thank You’s in the Digital Age

Hello, dear reader! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I love this time of year, not only because of my Christian faith, but because of the time I spend with my family.

Merry Christmas!

Hello, dear reader! I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas. I know I am. At my grandparents house, we eat supper, open presents, and enjoy each other’s company.

The City of Mirrors

There’s just one vampire left: Fanning. Amy and her friends may have defeated have defeated Eleven of the Twelve, with the help of Brad Wolgast, but Zero, the vampire who also goes by the name Tim Fanning, is still out there.

The Twelve

Amy and her friends are busy trying to destroy the remaining Twelve–the vampires who were death row inmates, who were supposed to be soldier’s for the military–an experiment that went horribly wrong.

I’m Knitting an Afghan!

Hello, everyone! My current knitting project that I’ve taken up is knitting an Afghan. I’m using the moss stitch, which is where you knit one, then purl one for two rows before switching to purl one, knit one for the next two rows. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried following an actual pattern,Continue reading “I’m Knitting an Afghan!”

The Passage

Thirty-two minutes. All it took was thirty-two minutes for one world to die, and for another to be born.