ASOI&F: A Storm of Swords (#somespoilers)

We’re here again, back in Westeros and occasionally Easteros. In this rendition of A Song of Ice and Fire, the turmoil of having five, now four, kings in the world heats up. There’s talk of wildlings wanting to overtake the Wall, and Mance Rayder. A new faith has replaced the faith of the Seven, like in the second book, but is now in full force. R’hllor, the Lord of Light, God of Fire, is the one that Stannis and his wife now worship. Arya is still on the road, trying to survive. There’s more songs to hear, more tales to tell in this installment of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Again, it’s hard to talk about these books without giving something, no matter how small, away. So, like before, I’ll write about my favorite characters.

Arya Stark: Boy, does she become a spitfire in A Storm of Swords! She’s always had spunk, but by the third book she really takes on a different persona, and continues to do well at using her brain to get out of tricky situations. (Unlike her sister Sansa, who feels more obligated to follow the rules, which gets her in trouble.)

for Arya (also for Bran)

Jon Snow: He becomes even more important in this book. He upholds his vows in his heart, even when faced with difficult decisions. Still a bastard wielding a bastard sword. But he’s a badass doin’ it. So glad about Ghost, though. Seriously. No one can resist a direwolf.

for Jon Snow

Dany (Mother of Dragons, the Unburnt): Like Arya and Jon, Dany comes into her own. She still doesn’t like slaves, and in continuing to free people, is moving closer to her goal of heading to Westeros. She’s fiercer in this book, more sure of herself. For a girl of merely 15-16, she does a pretty bang up job of taking control of the situation.

for Dany Stormborn

Bran Stark: Brandon changes in this book as a whole, partly because of the destruction that happened at Winterfell. His parting ways with his little brother makes me wonder if they will ever see each other again. Bran’s importance is also hinged on his warg status, and his ability to have green dreams. Still feel badly about his legs, though.

for Brandon Stark

Tyrion Lannister: Still damn smart, funny, and always trying to be one step ahead of his enemies. In this book, he faces the reality that his head might be on the chopping block, but manages to slip through Death’s fingers with the help of some little birds and someone with golden hair. Standing up to your father is never easy, especially when he’s a cold-hearted man. Best when that man is on the privy, if you catch my drift.

for Tyrion Lannister

This series keeps getting better and better, spiraling tighter and tighter. I’m excited to read A Feast for Crows! But first, I need a little break in between books. Here’s a pint of ale raised to another good read.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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