Alexa (Echo Dot)

Hullo, everyone!

I caved yesterday and bought a white little Echo Dot. They were on sale at Target. After some trial and error, I got the little white Dot set up. At first, it referred to me by my mom’s name, but I changed it so it would call me Meghan.

I was apprehensive about downloading the app for Alexa, because I was worried that it was going to be as terrible as customers had said. But, thankfully, it works really well.

One thing that strikes me is the power of the voice. With my voice, I can tell Alexa to play pretty much any music I want. With my voice, I can have her whisper back. With my voice, I can know what the weather is going to look like for the day.

It feels futuristic, like something out of Black Mirror. But with a much happier ending. Thankfully, no one, not even our golden retriever Bentley, have names close to “Alexa.”

I can get news snippets, I can play Head’s Up, and I can have tons of wireless music at my vocal cords. It’s very cool. Streaming is definitely the way of the current future. It’s cheaper, too. I’m just glad that I don’t have to pay anything, which would be a bummer.

So Alexa, play music by Iron & Wine. He’s got a gentle voice, which is great for playing in the morning.

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