Writing vs. Typing

Note: the image I used for this blog topic comes from theglobalscholars.com Guten morgan, everyone! As a writer, it’s curious to me that writing and typing are two very different things. The first being how you physically get your words on the page, and the second being what medium you use to accomplish this task.Continue reading “Writing vs. Typing”


For Ox, learning that there’s a pack of werewolves living at the end of the road is just the beginning.


Bobby Hall–someone I honestly didn’t know before I picked up this novel–wrote a book.


There are ordinary people and then there are people who are ExtraOrdinary.

On Editing a Book

Hello, dear reader! For those of you who don’t know, I finished writing a sci-fi book. I finally figured out the title, which I’ll keep a secret until I’m ready to publish it. I’m enjoying typing out what I’ve written, and have found that my chapters are much longer than I remember. (No wonder IContinue reading “On Editing a Book”

Afghan Blanket Update!

I’m almost done with my moss stitch lap blanket. Several months–and many books later–I’m steadily knitting and purling my way towards the end of my afghan. It’s been a new challenge for me, because it’s been years since I tried following a pattern. The projects I normally did in the past were scarves, where IContinue reading “Afghan Blanket Update!”

Writing Goals 2020

Hello, there! Recently, I’ve been listening to the podcast Write Now by Sarah Werner. In one of her podcasts, she talks about forming writing goals and sticking to them. One of her suggestions is to pick a number, like a certain number of pages, or a certain word count, and sticking to this reasonable goal.Continue reading “Writing Goals 2020”