Hexbreaker (Hexworld # 1)

Hexbreaker by Jordan L. Hawk cover.

This is a review for the first installment of the Hexworld series. To see my other book reviews, go here.

Tom Holleran is a copper with a dangerous past: he can break hexes. If anyone were to find out, he would be in trouble, spending his time behind bars. But, as it turns out, Tom’s secret is threatened because a murder that takes place on his beat brings back memories of how his gang members were killed.

Cat shifter Cicero, who is determined to find one friend and investigate the death of another, must work together with Tom. He quickly realizes one thing: Tom is his witch. When you find your witch, that means you have a better chance of creating stronger magic.

Tom and Cicero must get along, and work on the case at hand. As they work together, they find out that they are attracted to one another. At a nightclub, where both men work undercover–Cicero dances, Tom is a bartender–they have sex for the first time. There’s something in the way Cicero moves that leaves Tom entranced. Once they start hooking up, they grow closer.

As their relationship grows, as they confront their feelings with each other, the case ramps up. Clues are discovered, sex is had, and the Hexworld universe is set up. I like how hexes are used as commonly as we do flicking electrical switches on and off.

I don’t want to spoil any of the details containing the case Cicero and Tom work on, but it does end with a bang. A dangerous group is discovered, and a close friend is in peril.

The hexes in this world are interesting: they come in the form of alarms, locks, and healing. Hexes are used everywhere, as common as a cellphone in our world today.

If you love paranormal historical romances, pick this series up. Hexbreaker will keep you flicking pages on your Kindle, and won’t break your heart. Overall, it’s an entertaining, sexy, funny, and so very fun series to dive into. Seriously, go to Jordan L. Hawk’s page already.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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