A New Puppy!

Charlie Girl!

Hello, everyone!

Like the title says, we’re getting a new puppy! She is an eight-week-old golden retriever. Her name is Charlie. I haven’t met her yet because she is in Hood River, Oregon at the moment.

But she’ll be home by the time I’m done with work tonight. I promised my sister that I would take pictures and do videos of her. (My sister Abbie is actually coming home from college due to the Covid-19 virus for a few weeks.) I’m so excited to meet her I cannot wait.

I’m curious to see how Bentley (our current golden retriever) responds to having another dog in the house. She’s been on her own for little over a year, ever since we had to put our beloved long-haired standard Dachshund Bogan to sleep in February of last year. I’m sure she still misses him as much as we do.

So, a new friend will be good for Bentley. That being said, puppies can get a little wild and crazy at times. We’ll have Charlie go in her kennel to take a nap–puppies do need a lot of sleep to help with retaining information (like training or teaching them new tricks) and growth–or we’ll have Bentley escape the kitchen by going up the backstairs or through the gate that we have for the kitchen when things get too harried.

I’m so pumped for 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, which is when I get off work. Then, I don’t work Monday or Tuesday. (Eee! We’re gonna have a new puppy in the house when I get home from work tonight!)

As a dog lover and owner, I fully understand that puppies are a lot of work. Yes, they are cute and adorable, but you have to work with them like you do kids so that they turn out how you’d like by the time they are adults. There are so many things you have to make sure you’re doing when your dog is young, like teaching a puppy not to tug on the leash when you’re walking, that’s critical at the age that Charlie’s at right now.

As a puppy gets older, it becomes harder for them to learn new information–like not tugging on a leash when you go for walks. This is why it’s so important to get your puppy training in as soon as you get your puppy, because they grow so fast.

A huge thank you to Hood River Puppies and to Sue who helped raise and train all eleven of the puppies! She’s an amazing breeder, and knows how to handle dogs and puppies with love and care. I want to thank you for taking care of Charlie all these weeks; you’ve done an amazing job!

~ Meghan B.

P.S. I will definitely post more pics of Charlie. She is too cute!

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