Hexhunter (Hexworld Book # 4)

I started this series backwards, first reading the fourth book, then working my way through the series from book one. I wanted to see what this series was all about, since it looked interesting: A world where hexes are used as commonly as electricity, in an alternative world parallel to our own.

Bill Quigley is a copper with witch potential, meaning that he tested high enough to bond with a familiar one day. While investigating an orphanage, Bill discovers the body of one Sister Brigid, a murdered nun. Before she died, she wrote words in the ashes of a fire: FIND THE CHILDREN (Kindle location 86). Needing a familiar’s help–someone who can shift into animal form–Bill implores Issac’s help. Issac struggles with PTSD from his time spent in a cage where he was force-bonded with a witch, and forced into his mastiff form. His magic was then used to help create blood hexes. Issac has nightmares, and doesn’t like to sleep if he can help it. He hasn’t taken on his mastiff form in two years, since that night on New Year’s Eve where he was rescued.

Bill has his own secrets to keep: He has been in love with Issac for more than two years, ever since he helped save Issac’s life in the tunnels under New York. He’s not even sure if Issac likes him the same way. But the two have to work together to uncover the case of a dead nun, as well as try to find the missing children.

As the case ratchets up, and the two men figure out the identity of the killer, Bill and Issac’s feelings for one another come to light. They finally confide in one another, finally admitting their feelings for each other. After chasing down a suspect and losing him, they have sex for the first time, their eagerness for one another apparent.

In the tunnels under New York City, Bill and Issac make a terrifying discovery, one that reveals not only the missing familiar children, but also a much more horrifying secret. To survive under the tunnels, Bill and Issac must bond as witch and familiar, with Bill using Issac’s magic to help them escape.

I really enjoyed Hexhunter. It’s a fun, interesting world, where magic is commonplace, and finding your witch is a big deal. I recommend this series to anyone who loves historical paranormal romance.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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