Hello, Dolly!

I love going to the theater. As a teenager, I was enamored with the high school version of Les Miserables. I listened to the Broadway version of Les Miserables so many times I had entire songs memorized. My parents and sister put up with playing the tape version for me in the car. I would sit in my room at home and knit scarves and squares to the musical. I was completely obsessed.



Raleigh made a promise to his brother, one that he intends to keep. He also desperately wants to join the group headed to Mars. But when a stranger falls from the sky, landing in the dirt in Texas, Raleigh feels himself being pulled in all directions. Can he still fall in love, or will he have to choose between the mysterious stranger and his promise to his brother?


The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal

In 2003, Jonathan Mooney, a dyslexic young man, set out on a journey in a short bus for several months. From a very young age, Jon was told that he would be unable to make anything of himself. But, he beat the odds, graduating from Brown University with a degree in English literature, and wrote a book about his experiences growing up learning disabled.


#weekendcoffeeshare April Edition (12th – 14th, 19th – 21st)

Hello, dear readers!

If we were having coffee, I’d be drinking a breakfast blend. I would also be eating breakfast as well. I’m a cereal kind of gal in the morning. Let’s break down the weekend, shall we?


The Orphan Master’s Son

The Orphan Master’s Son

Pak Jun Do is an orphan. Living in North Korea, he grows up among other wayward children, dictating where they will work, when they will eat, and so on. His father, the orphan master, keeps him and the other kids alive for as long as he can during the famine in the 90s. As an adult, Jun Do undergoes pain training, a way of withstanding severe pain–such as torture–and learns to fight without special equipment in the tunnels.


Call Me by Your Name

First love. First awakening. First everything.

When Elio, a young man living in Italy, meets the new arrival to his parent’s home, who open their house to help “young academics revise a manuscript before publication” (p. 4) he hates him. He finds this 24-year-old brash, and standoffish with use of the word, Later! Elio cannot wait for the guy to leave: “Meanwhile, we’d have to put up with him for six long weeks” (p. 4). Despite Elio’s eagerness for this young man to leave, he also finds him alluring.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Buddy, you’re a boy, make a big noise/playing in the street, gonna be a big man someday

This iconic film makes a tribute to Queen’s humble beginnings: Before the band was a huge hit, before the band was a big deal. Freddie Mercury meets his future band-mates playing to a group of young people in a bar. Upon learning that their lead singer quit–wanting to go to a different group–Freddie offers up, “I write song lyrics.” 

It’s the start of a beautiful group, and a tempestuous friendship.


#weekendcoffeeshare April 5 – 7

Happy April!

We’re currently in the middle of a snow/thunderstorm. Crazy weather we’ve having here in Minnesota. Let’s breakdown the weekend, shall we?


Dear Mary Oliver,

I never did get to write you when you were here, on this Earth. I regret not telling you how much your poetry calms and inspires me to love the natural world. Still, this is me making up for it.


tiny trees

tiny trees listen
bending their branches
toward the hikers
traipsing through the earth,
walking the paths
carved by nature lovers
who took only photos
& left only footprints


On Writing

I’ve loved writing ever since I could form letters. Ever since I knew how to formulate stories through play.

As a child, I loved telling stories with my Beanies, Crazy Bones in the sandbox, and German animals. (I’ve played with so many toys; these are the top three.)


On Coloring & Listening

I’ve been coloring while re-reading A Little Life. It keeps me going, even when the pages keep getting darker. I’ve missed coloring, it’s been something to help keep my hands busy. (I know I’ve been writing waay too much about my reading experience with A Little Life, but I seriously can’t stop obsessing over it.)

The imagery and the bright colors help me focus: bright red, light blue, a light shade of brown, a golden splotch here and there–

I’ve been able to distance myself from the pain. Coloring animals is my way of staying focused as these characters go about their lives.

With each color picked from the palate, I feel a little like a painter, naming my creatures afterwards. I.E. “Horse of the Forest.”

Coloring helps me entertain myself as I listen, throws some light on the shade of the pages. I’ve been down this road one before, but in my head, I change the story. (I actually have a happier version that I’m writing, just for myself. Working on this fan fiction, sticking to the bones of the real story, helps me heal from the tragedy of the real novel.)

For me, coloring and reading is the new knitting. Just a different task.

She’s Baaack!

Dessa’s Chime

Dessa’s is back in business! Her singing is as powerful as ever; her raps are as crisp as a freshly printed piece of paper.

She’s one of my favorite female rappers: strong, fierce, and unafraid to be honest. She’s part of the sick indie group known as Doomtree. I know those of you in the Doom Unit are probably wondering why I’m listening to Chime a year after it’s release, but I seriously just got it tonight. I’m already blown away. Dessa can do no wrong.


A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy novels begin in this amazing book. For anyone who has watched the show, I highly recommend reading the books. They are truly engrossing, fascinating in what they are accomplishing, and chock full of characters that I love from each house. (There are also characters that I hate with a burning passion. Looking at you, Theon Greyjoy.)


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy novel comes to life within the pages of the trilogy’s first installment. I couldn’t help but think of the film as I read, becoming more engrossed as the novel progressed.

The narrator for these novels has a beautiful, rich singing voice, one that is necessary when reading Tolkien. Filled with poems and songs, the pages of The Fellowship of the Ring further fleshes out the world that Tolkien is building.