Simon Kincaide, a paranormal medium and clairvoyant, knows that there’s a serial killer on the loose. He also starts to fear for his life after he’s shot at during one of his ghost tours. Vic D’Amato is a cop, and also involved with the serial killer’s motives. As he struggles to find any more leads, he ends up turning to Simon for help.

It also helps that Vic and Simon both find each other attractive.

Badlands is more about finding a serial killer than just a gay novel. Yes, the main leads are gay guys, but they have identities. We learn about Simon’s identity as a medium and clairvoyant first, and his sexual identity second. I really like this. The same goes for Vic. He’s out at work, yes, but it’s treated like it’s not a big deal that he’s gay. Which is refreshing. There’s talk about old boyfriends, but briefly, as a reminder to how Simon and Vic really fit together when it comes to the possibility of a relationship.

I usually put-down romance novels. But, in reality, romance novels aren’t all that bad. It’s okay to read something light and cheesy from time-to-time. While Badlands isn’t a romance novel outright, in my mind, it’s got a romantic subplot, with some pretty steamy sex.

I like how Morgan Brice weaves the romantic getting-to-know-you, getting-to-know-all-about-you (insert song) bit with the heat of the chase. I’d be freaked out too if I was giving a tour, like I usually do, if I got grazed by a bullet. Poor Simon. Thankfully, he comes out okay.

I like how Vic warmed to Simon, because he came off as cold the first few times they met. I like how normal Simon seems as a medium, even though he can see and occasionally talk to ghosts. His boardwalk shop is pretty cool, too. Myrtle Beach is definately a hoppin’ play with these two around!

Badlands is a book that I read in matter of days. It was good, with an interesting plot and interesting characters. I’m excited to read the next installment sometime soon! But first, gotta work on finishing A Storm of Swords.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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