Ten Years a Blue Fan!

In September, I quietly made it to ten years as a fan of Blue October’s music. I don’t listen to their music everyday, but when I do, I feel joy come over me. I’ve listened to their discography of rock and alternative music enough over the years that I’ve memorized most of their lyrics. I have favorites upon favorites in their catalogue of rock music. I’m excited when they come out with new music. Lately, Blue October’s sound has matured, talking about family, forgiving your exes, and enjoying life. Their sound overall–especially their dedication to creating music–is something that not everyone possesses these days.

When the lead singer Justin Furstenfeld sings about his family, or love, or dealing with depression, it’s real. His emotional connection to the very personal songs he’s singing is real, because he writes about issues that are going on in his life. (It’s a challenge to find artists whose personal connection bleeds through their lyrics, but I know of several groups who lyrics hit like a sucker-punch to the gut: Doomtree, Dessa, and Atmosphere.)

Blue October has helped me through good times and bad, and helped me not feel alone in my depression. While I’m doing much better these days, I still take comfort from the happier music that Blue October is producing.

I’m looking forward to new music. I’m looking forward to seeing them play again, especially on First Ave.

Here’s to a wonderful band,

Meghan B.

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