writing is like playing TetrisI fit the words into the right slot,rotating the words around in my mouthbefore laying the correct brick down I am a poet,just 29,you can write tags on your city blockbut you can’t write mine I am the one & only M.B.B.,razor sharp with my fountain pen’s nibready to write youContinue reading “m.b.b.”

Morning Pages

I like to do morning pages because it helps me suss out my thoughts, especially when I’m working on my blog posts—or my current fantasy novel. 


Hello there! Today will be a great day, and here’s why: Today, I started using an app called Ommwriter. 

Legacy. What is a legacy?

It’s bonsai seedlings planted during your lifetime, seeit’s words written for a treatyit’s mike-drops before your cabinet,a plan to get through to Congress my legacy is in words,tattooed onto my wrists, black words upon my white flesh it’s fighting endlesslyfor publishers go-ahead to the printing press it’s waking up early & writing morning pages,I guessContinue reading “Legacy. What is a legacy?”