Your body is an inspirationfrom which I can paint,splattering bits of the colors you’re wearing onto my canvas I rub color-pieces of clothes onto my canvas:the red of your button-down shirt,my faded blue jeans,& your Game of Thrones socks. I smear all of theseinto the thick white canvas spread before me& leave impressions of themContinue reading “Canvas”

The Boys of Hood Hall

Jude &JB &Willem && Malcolm. You are a found family of Peter Pan’sa brotherhood built from the ground up in Hood Hall,friends through shithole apartments& ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends,starting at the bottom of the law firm/art/architecture/film ladder& working your way up to the top floorto push your way out onto the roofstanding side-by-side, fists raised inContinue reading “The Boys of Hood Hall”

lounging rock

the sun shines brightly through the treeswarming me on the lounging rockwhere I lie, stretched out on my backlistening to the whipper willowsand the sighing aspen leaves M.B.B.3/21/2020

Piano Keystrokes

I play keystrokes like some play the piano. I plink out words, which are my melodies. I move with the flow of words. My song flows out of my wrists like a rushing river. My left and right-hand move in synchronized ballet, each lifting and falling on their tippy toes. Some people play the piano;Continue reading “Piano Keystrokes”

Dear Willem

You compiled my life for me—a spreading accordion of file folders labeled Jude I Jude II Jude III Jude IV bursting with awards, photos, certificates, love letters, JB’s art, & my legal documents With you,you shone like the Sun,brightening the white-washed walls of our apartment Your jumper cable armswound around me kept me safefrom theContinue reading “Dear Willem”

Hold onto Me

Note: This is not a personal poem. You keep me sane amid the winter’s bite,in between raised webs of scar tissue& sticky streams of blood You keep me warm in this drafty room,using your tender kisses& your fierce hold on me to blot out the chill—the muscles of your biceps & tricepsknotting, bunching, & jumpingContinue reading “Hold onto Me”

a kiss for the robins

on our walk, with snow squeaking underfoot,we pass a yard adorned with a hopping robin. “do you know what you do when you see a robin?dad told me,” my sister tells me. you kiss your thumb,then tap your hands together. I practice the motion of my grandmother:I kiss my thumb, then bump my fists. aContinue reading “a kiss for the robins”

if I lost you

if I lost you,I’d bury myself to the waist in sandalive on the outside, a draining hourglass on the insideI’d ink a little sailboat on the inside of my wristI’d miss your meals of party pizza and pizza rollsI’d miss hearing all of your “boops” instead of “goodbyes”I’d miss your narration as you gamedI’d missContinue reading “if I lost you”