Dear Facebook

You may think you know me, but you don’t. See, you’re just a product of some guy’s algorithms, asocially portrayed by Jesse Edinburgh You may think I’m gay because I joined the group Gaymers, when really I’m just demisexual I champion those who are labeled different, because I’ve felt different growing up You don’t knowContinue reading “Dear Facebook”


writing is like playing TetrisI fit the words into the right slot,rotating the words around in my mouthbefore laying the correct brick down I am a poet,just 29,you can write tags on your city blockbut you can’t write mine I am the one & only M.B.B.,razor sharp with my fountain pen’s nibready to write youContinue reading “m.b.b.”

Who am I?

I ask,& you tell me:I’m your oldest & dearest friend,I’m a reader, a singer, & a mathematician. When I wake in the night,(disoriented, drenched in sweat)you’re there to hold me,reminding me that you’re here,& remind me that it’s over, it’s over, it’s over— In these moments,when I’m running (wildly) lost along a dirt road,you callContinue reading “Who am I?”


Bending the air while doing breathing exercises is a struggle:If I can bend the other three elements so well,why can’t I airbend? Listening & seeing trouble ahead is a big problem for me:I bend before I speak,using my muscles before I think (sometimes)I know I’m young & brash,but that’s just who I am right now.Continue reading “Airbending”

Reichenbach Fall

If only everyone could successfully fake their own death,just like Sherlock does in “The Reichenbach Fall,”we wouldn’t have to worry about dying. The pavement would be splattered with fake Halloween blood,& your tears would mirror my tears of poorly-timed laughter. If only I hadn’t watched Requiem for a Dream—the seedy drug underbelly filling my mind—ifContinue reading “Reichenbach Fall”

ADD Superpower

I have ADDbut it catchesthe red feathers of birds in the trees,& the kaleidoscope of colors in the grass, the golden fur of my dogs,& the ideas swirling around my mind I have ADD& I sympathizewith other people’s livesI know what it’s like to live on the outsideof the inner circle,the huddle of people whoContinue reading “ADD Superpower”

Legacy. What is a legacy?

It’s bonsai seedlings planted during your lifetime, seeit’s words written for a treatyit’s mike-drops before your cabinet,a plan to get through to Congress my legacy is in words,tattooed onto my wrists, black words upon my white flesh it’s fighting endlesslyfor publishers go-ahead to the printing press it’s waking up early & writing morning pages,I guessContinue reading “Legacy. What is a legacy?”

six years

a poem about my six years spent blogging.

morning pages

I’m up early & writing,laying down wordslike laying fresh bricks:one word in front of the other, rapid-firing on my keyboard I’m up early & writing,creating with the right side of my brain,writing with my left handsplaying out the pages on my desk,getting ink smudges on my wrist I’m writing to give my characters life,to solidifyContinue reading “morning pages”