Saying Thank You to my Characters


For the past 11 months, I’ve been working on a fantasy/urban fantasy novel. My main character Judeaus (Jude for short) is the upcoming ruler of the realm Tarlimain. He’s readjusting to his life in his parents castle after a traumatic event. When his aunt and uncle and their adoptive son Desmond show up with the rest of their traveling caravan, Jude falls in love with the handsome young man, especially after Des saves his life. The two, though new to their relationship, end up traveling to the city together, embarking on a world-changing view for Jude, who has never been outside his home. When trouble arises in the city, when Jude is confronted with enemies old and new, he must rely on his inner strength, and his budding magical abilities, to save himself.

This book is about finding love after a traumatic relationship. This book is humorous at times, and serious as well. My novel is about finding someone who truly cares about you, and is willing to look out for you no matter what. Being apart of a strong relationship means that you’ll receive tools to overcome whatever dangers put in your path.

Drawing from my personal experiences

My own relationship with Rory is proof of this, and probably one of the subconscious reasons why I wrote Jude and Des’s relationship the way I did. I’ve had one shitty boyfriend in the past*, but Rory has shown me that what happened doesn’t have to define me. I can grow and become a healthier person with him, and with the help of my amazing therapist, I am able to find the true joy of being in a good relationship.

*I don’t consider my second relationship to be a bad one; we just weren’t a good fit for one another. A was a nice person, but we were not meant to be. There were some things in our relationship that made it clear that we weren’t completely compatible. I’m more than okay with that now. Since our breakup, A has found their own happiness and the person they are supposed to be with. I’m very happy for A.

Thank you

I’m thrilled that I get to give Jude a happy ending. I want the world for him, because he’s been put through the ringer with a terrible past relationship. Now, with the man he loves at his side, he’s more than capable of taking over the realm. (With help from his mother and his countless staff at his disposal.)

I want to thank my characters for their bravery, for taking chances and facing the dangers ahead. I’m proud of my main characters for their ingenuity, for their courage, and for their willingness to love.

Most importantly, I’m proud of myself for persevering in this journey. I couldn’t have done it without Rory’s insights, which he gave to me as we went walking one day. I couldn’t have done it without my own inner strength, my will to create, or my own interest in my characters and the world around them.

So thank you, Jude & Des & all the rest.

Your story isn’t over just yet.

Meghan B.

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