Blue October’s Livestream Concert, Pt. 1

left to right: Ryan, Will, Justin, Jeremy, & Matt.

Last night, my sister and I popped some popcorn, grabbed my computer, and set up Blue October’s livestream concert. (I purchased a ticket earlier that day. The ticket I purchased allows me to view their concert again, which helped because I worked until 10 last night.)

I’m so glad I got tickets before I read they were sold out. Right now, Blue October is #12 on the charts, which is a big deal, since they are an independent label and an indie band.

I’ve listened their music for about 10 years now, and have been a fan for just as many years.

The reason I adore this band is because they are some of the most positive, humble people I’ve met. It may sound cheesy, but I love these guys. Blue October’s frontman Justin Furstenfeld is one of my personal heroes–he’s overcome his depression, his addictions, and has overall made a better life for himself through his recovery. Because he’s doing so much better, his personal life reflects that in his family’s happiness, the band’s closeness, and his songs.

When you’re happy, you can daydream. You start imagining what your future will one day look like, and the steps you need to take to get there. For me, it’s little things like getting my own apartment, and one day getting engaged to my amazing boyfriend.

Last night’s concert was an intimate reminder that though we are apart, we can still be together. Justin kept mentioning how much he misses seeing the fans, the people who are just as passionate about Blue October as I am.

With songs like “Home” and oldies-but-goodies like “A Quiet Mind,” the atmosphere was about bringing the band and the fans together through the livestream. Abbie (my sister) and I sang along to songs we knew, and kept the volume up throughout the first section of the concert.

We watched for little over an hour before calling it a night. I felt happy, and touched by how much this band loves me and other fans like me. I even got a hug from Justin at my first Blue concert, which was in 2017.

Although I want everyone to be safe, wear masks, and stay healthy, I’m also looking forward to the day when I’ll be able to get another great surprise hug from Justin at another in-person concert.

A huge thank you to Justin, Ryan, Matt, Will, and Jeremy for giving everyone a wonderful livestream concert! (I’m pumped to watch the second half soon!)

Meghan B.

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