Yakisoba Supper!

Chicken yakisoba from the site Cooking Classy.

From the site Cooking Classy: “Chicken Yakisoba is sure to satisfy those Asian food cravings! It’s a delicious Japanese noodle dish that’s packed with chicken and veggies and tossed with a simple, flavorful sauce. Easy enough for weeknights but delicious enough to serve to guests on the weekend!”

Last night, my sister Abbie and I made yakisoba! Yakisoba is a comfort dish from Japan, and is a mixture of spaghetti and stir fry all rolled into one. You’ve got noodles, vegetables, and various sauces to spice things up. It’s a delicious noodle dish.

I first learned about yakisoba while watching the anime Aggretsuko, which is about a young woman letting her frustrations out about her workplace by singing death metal karaoke.

Yakisoba scene. It’s pretty funny.

Since then, I’ve wanted to make this meal. I’ve shown my family the recipe, and practically brought it up many times.

So last night, Abbie and I went to our Cub grocery store and purchased the ingredients we were missing. The only thing we couldn’t find was the oyster sauce.

After following this helpful recipe, which took a little over an hour for us to put together, our supper was ready.

While I forgot to take a picture of our meal, I can assure you our yakisoba supper was delicious! I was so happy that we all loved it. We all added a tiny bit of sriracha sauce to the mix, which added a definite kick to the meal.

I’m so proud to have finally made one of my favorite dishes, even if we used udon noodles instead of finding yakisoba noodles.

A huge thank you to Abbie for helping me make this. I couldn’t have done it without you! I’m so glad that mom and dad liked our supper. (Mom was especially happy that she didn’t have to cook. *winks*) I will certainly be making this meal again sometime.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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