New Blue!

Blue October has released a new single called “This is What I Live For,” off of their upcoming tenth album of the same name. With a slower tempo, intimate lyrics, and strong beats, “This is What I Live For” is a solid single.

“This is What I Live For” drew me in instantly. I could tell from the first listen through that this was a going to be another strong album from the alternative rock group. As a super-fan, I’m so excited for the new album to drop in September. I’ve been recently listening to the new single on repeat.

The lyrics suggest that the speaker is having difficulty reaching out to the person that he cares about most, feeling that he’s struggling to remain on his feet in a more metaphorical sense. The sense of falling down can often be an emotional response to depression or maybe an anxiety attack. In any case, the speaker walks around “the lonely city,” while “no one answers me.” But there’s also hope in these lyrics, too. The speaker proclaims that he’ll never “look back over my shoulder again,” suggesting confidence and leaving something behind for good.

Thanks again for a wonderful new single, Blue October!

Note: the image used is not mine. It’s owned by Blue October.

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