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Crossover (Cassandra Kresnov # 1)

In a futuristic setting, Cassandra Kresnov must stake her claim on her autonomy and rights as an android, an artificial person, while struggling to live life as a civilian. Created by the League for wartime purposes against the conservative Federation, someone who is like the Daft Punk song: Harder, better, faster, stronger. She’s also more dangerous and more intelligent than ordinary humans. Having fled the League, she tries to find a new life among the Federation, her previous enemy.

Cassandra goes to Callay, and heads to the enormous, decedent metropolis Tanusha, a place where androids are not welcome. Under a different name, she tries her hand at a civilian lifestyle. But, as she explores the metropolis around her, Cassandra runs into trouble, like an assassination plan to kill the President. Cassandra has to run, and keep herself safe from those who wish to do an android harm.

Among new friends who were once her enemies, Cassandra must be careful, for she doesn’t quite know who she can trust. As she brought into schemes and into the crosshairs of deadly aim, she must protect herself from their fire.

If you enjoy science fiction and cyberpunk, this beginning of the Cassandra Kresnov series is for you. Feel free to check out Joel Shepherd’s other works.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

By Meghan B.

Hello there! I'm Meghan. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Although I'm almost 30, I haven't lost my sense of child-like wonder for the world around me. I've been making up stories my whole life: My imaginative play with toys as a child has grown up with me, maturing into my imaginative wordplay with fantasy and sci-fi novels, as well as free-verse poetry. I thrive on creating something with my hands and with my mind, using my pen or my keyboard.

When I'm not working, I'm reading, writing, or knitting, I'm sleeping. I also enjoy watching Netflix, occasionally playing open-world video games, or hanging out with my family, my two golden girl retrievers Bentley and Charlie, my friends, or my boyfriend Rory.

Happy blogging!

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