Podcasts to Listen to While Staying In

Guten morgen, everyone!

I’ve got a lot of podcasts on my phone. Like, so many that I need to stop finding new ones. (Is 106 too many?)

Welcome to some of my favorite podcasts, with my annotations. Enjoy!


Sleepy is where Otis Gray reads old stories–like Moby Dick–in a steady voice to you as you fall asleep. I love his voice. He’s good at reading, and uses good inflection.

Nothing Much Happens: Bedtime Stories for Adults. This is another excellent story-driven podcast. I recently got into this one, and am already in love. The stories are read twice, first at a regular pace, then a little slower as you drift off.

If you like to listen to ambient sounds, like falling rain, ASMR Recordings is the podcast for you.


Remember LeVar Burton? He’s the guy from the kid’s TV show Reading Rainbow. He now has a podcast where he reads adult stories to you. His voice is amazing. Pop on over to LeVar Burton Reads if you’re interested.

The Bright Sessions is one of my favorite stories. It’s a sci-fi story about a bunch of young people who are in therapy. They have atypical abilities, and it’s up to Dr. Bright to help them cope with each of their unique abilities and work through their problems.

Writing & Poetry

Write Now is a personal podcast about Sarah Werner’s journey through getting back into writing, and working through her anxiety and problems when it comes to writing. I’ve only listened to a few of her podcasts, but I love her discussions. Her honesty and openness about the struggles of putting words down on the page is real and compelling to me.

Indie Feed is a wonderful collection of indie poems, read by the poets themselves.


I get all of my podcasts through the podcast app from the Apple store. (Yes, I own an iPhone, but I’m not a snob about it.)

Back to podcasts.

I love how podcasts–whether they are stories or personal topics–are a wonderful way for people to share their creative sides. I love how podcasts help us connect, especially in these uncertain times with the Corona virus here in the U.S.

Podcasts are a way to spread our thoughts, a way to share our creative juices, and give actors a new project to work on. Podcasts are a light in the darkness, a way to challenge your beliefs or find people whose work interests you. The stories I’ve taken the time to invest myself in are beautiful, wonderful tales of connection between people with strange abilities (The Bright Sessions.) I love how honestly Sarah talks about her struggles with writing, which is something that I still face today as a writer. I love hearing LeVar Burton read me new and interesting stories. I love listening to poets read their poetry. It’s inspiring and calming to me as a poet.

A huge thank you and shout out to everyone out there who creates or listens to podcasts. They are a wonderful resource and definitely worth your attention.

Thanks for reading,
Meghan B.

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