When You Believe: The Prince of Egypt & the Corona Virus

Hello, dear readers.

As I’m sure you know, the Corona virus is spreading. The fear here in the United States is very real. At Target where I work we’re daily out of toilet paper; we’re rationing things like hand sanitizer and trying our best to adhere to social distancing. In the town where I live, we only have three respirators in our hospital.

With 5,800+ cases and now 100 deaths, it’s clearly getting to be more serious in America. I’m now starting to get worried, and my anxiety is starting to amp up.

I’m a practicing Lutheran; my whole family are Lutherans. In this troubling time, I find the music from The Prince of Egypt to be uplifting and a strong reminder that the Lord hears our prayers. He hears our cries to heaven, and listens to the needs of His people.

The Prince of Egypt tells the Biblical story of a man named Moses, and how he was once a prince of Egypt who ends up leading the children of Israel–people who were once slaves to the Pharaoh–out of Egypt. Moses is a simple Hebrew man, saved from the sickles razor edge by the will of his mother as a babe by being floated down the Nile River. (At the time, all the Hebrew baby boys were being killed due to a prophecy that a savior would be born. This baby turns out to be Jesus, the Son of God, the Word made flesh.)

Because the Pharaoh will not let God’s people go, God has Moses bring on the ten plagues of Egypt. Despite famine, bugs, and fire raining from the sky, Pharaoh still will not budge. The final plague brought upon the Egyptian people is the coming of the Angel of Death. After the Angel of Death comes and takes the lives of all the first-born children who do not have the blood of a lamb on their door–which signifies the sign that they are followers of God–Pharaoh finally relents after his own son’s life is taken.

The scene that follows is Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt. It’s a scene that is powerful and moving.

The Hebrew’s faith restored, Moses steadily leads them out of Egypt. The lines “Who knows what miracles you can achieve/when you believe/somehow you will/you will when you believe” suggests that there’s hope when you put your faith in God.

In times like these, when so much ahead is uncertain about the Covid-19 virus, these lyrics give me hope and affirm my faith in the Lord. I have to believe that there will be a cure for this deadly virus, that God will bring peace to all of us.

I have to believe that “though hope is frail/its hard to kill” that kind of hope. I have to hope and pray that there is a plan in all of this, that there’s hope and something bigger than me that will save us.

Stay safe. Stay healthy, everyone.

Don’t forget to wash your hands,

Meghan B.

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