The Hanged Man (The Tarot Sequence # 2)

Rune Saint John is, above all else, a survivor. He’s the last surviving member of his father’s Sun Throne.

Plot Summary

After a vicious physical assault, a brutal body count, Rune managed to survive. With his bodyguard Companion Brand, the two are rescued by the Tower, and in exchange for saving Rune’s life, the Tower assigns various jobs to Rune and Brand.

Now, Rune is trying to obtain the rights to his dilapidated court, the building where his father’s Sun Throne used to be. In addition to claiming his right to the Sun Throne, Rune must stop Matt from being married off to the Hanged Man, an ancient man who turns out to be nothing short of a monster.


The sequel to The Last Sun, K.D. Edwards weaves a story of political intrigue, magic, and fulfilling your destiny. The world that he’s created, New Atlantis, as well as the world of a tarot card court, feels real and compelling. His characters are well-rounded, with plenty of good dialogue and characterization.

I was excited to read the sequel to The Last Sun. I wanted to jump back into this interesting world, one where a mystery needs to be solved about Rune as well as the Hanged Man, and a marriage needs to be stopped.

The magic system in this world is unique, too. Consisting of various objects that are used as sigils–like Rune’s ankh around his ankle–these objects store power and spells. Once you use a sigil, you must refill it at some point. It’s like draining a battery: once the battery’s charge has been emptied, you have to recharge it in order for it work again.

Overall, this series is fantastic. It’s full of realistic characters, interesting situations, and plenty of action. I can’t wait for the third book, especially now since Rune’s life is going to change.

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