Got a cup of coffee? Alright. Let’s do this!


May 24th – 26th

Besides working a ton, I had a great time at my friend’s birthday party. Heather is a really sweet girl, and her family is just as nice. My friend, Alex, is also a really nice person. I got to meet both of them for the first time when I went down to visit Rory in the cities. We went bowling–I actually bowled pretty well, considering all the years I haven’t actually bowled. The next day, we went swimming. Because I was the first one up the next day, because I was really tired and went straight to bed once we got home, I got to hang out with Heather’s mom and watch a bit of Downtown Abbey. I had a wonderful time hanging out with my friends and boyfriend!

May 27th – 31st

For the rest of May, I worked. I read Northern Lights in three days, which is a fantastic coming-of-age novel about Shane, a teenager who is looking for his mother. While looking for his mother, Shane meets some wayward youths who become his friends, and falls in love with a boy named Russel. I love this book; it’s raw, real, and well written.


June 1st – 8th

Throughout the week, I worked. (Of course.) I wrote blog posts, and saw Dear Evan Hanson over the weekend. That Monday, after seeing the play on Saturday, I started reading the novel version of Dear Evan Hanson. While it took me a while to get into the book, I really enjoyed the novel version. There were some differences between the play and the book, but I love both equally.

June 9th – 26th

There’s not much interesting to tell here. I worked a lot (naturally), had a dentist appointment, and finished re-reading A Little Life for the second time. It’s one of my favorite novels. On the 26th, I had to pack, and get ready to head out with my dad for Montana. My sister Abbie is working there over the summer at the Lutheran Bible camp.

The next #weekendcoffeeshare will talk about my family vacation to Flathead, MT and then our trip up into Canada. Stay tuned for more!


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