Dedicated: A Rhythm of Love Novel

Porter and Graves are two guys trying to make their way in the indie music industry. Les Graves is the bad boy, a run-around, the sexy lyricist, and secretly head-over-heels for his band mate Evan Porter. Evan’s still coming to terms with his feelings for Les. The two have been a dynamic duo, working their way up from the top trying to make a name for themselves. When a threesome brings about suggestive material, suggesting that the guys were a couple, their manager suggests that the two make the best of the hand they’ve been dealt and pretend to be in a relationship–to help their sales. Their last album wasn’t so hot.

While at the cabin where the two have written their previous albums, Les and Evan must either keep up the charade that they are a couple, or actually air out their inner turmoil about each other. They must also come to terms with what a real relationship could mean for their fans, their music, and for themselves.

I really enjoyed this book. I have yet to read a romance where the leads are part of the music industry. I’ve also read few books where one of the main characters is bisexual, and wish I could find more.

I don’t often read romances, but when I do, I pick out ones that not only ensnare my interest, but ones that have a decent plot. Sex scenes have to have some emotional connection, because I want a little more than just smut. basically, I’m picky when it comes to romance novels. I’m still convincing myself that there’s an art form to romance novels–however bad the genre is panned–I am determined to suss out the good ones from the bad. And who doesn’t enjoy reading something light every now and again?

Les is a bit of an asshole. He’s a run-around, and his witty sense of humor is usually crass. He’s painted as the bad boy after all, Evan’s straight-laced opposite. But, the longer you get to know him, the more you find out there is to him. He practices late at night so that their songs sound good before he presents Evan with newly written material. He’s messes around with girls and guys, but this, as I found out, is to keep him from obsessing over Evan, whom he isn’t even sure would return his affections. He and Evan have a shared passion for making music, and enjoy music in general.

The beauty of this novel is that is reminded me how much people are capable of change, especially when it comes to really loving someone. Les gives up his binge drinking, drug fueled, sleeping around self and actually commits himself to being a better person. He commits himself to Evan, which is the most important thing. I thought it was interesting how casually Les grabs a water bottle at one point in the novel, furious with Evan, and stomps downstairs to the cabin’s basement. I’m sure in the past he would’ve opted for something stronger.

In the end, Dedicated boils down to the importance that people and music have in our lives. We cannot live without the ones we love, nor can we keep going day-in, day-out, without some favorite tunes. (I personally would sorely miss the words of Dessa, Blue October, and Imagine Dragons.)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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