#weekendcoffeeshare April Edition (12th – 14th, 19th – 21st)

Hello, dear readers!

If we were having coffee, I’d be drinking a breakfast blend. I would also be eating breakfast as well. I’m a cereal kind of gal in the morning. Let’s break down the weekend, shall we?

The weekend of April 12th – 14th, I worked Friday. I wanted to finish Call Me by Your Name, but was probably too tired. Saturday, I had a day off from work and spent it dividing my time between reading and watching things on Rabbit with Rory. Finally, on Sunday, I went to church. Because of my work schedule, I’m usually working on the weekends, but I had this weekend off. I finished Call Me by Your Name, and started reading the memoir The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal. I also colored and listened to A Little Life later in the evening. (I use Audible for the vast majority of my reading, so I’m able to listen and color at the same time.)

More recently, the weekend of April 19th – 21st, I worked Friday and Saturday, reading after work. On Sunday, I finished The Short Bus, reading in the car and at my grandparents house. We took Bentley, our golden retriever, to Gramma and Grandpa’s. She is able to run freely in their fenced-in backyard, and loves to sniff out new smells and roll in the grass.

We opened our Easter baskets towards the end of our stay. I got a couple gift cards, and lots of delicious chocolate and jelly beans. My grandma puts lots of care and love into her food, even down to her Easter baskets. Each individual basket had a counted number of jelly beans, which she meticulously counted out herself. She loves to give gifts, and loves cooking and baking. My Gramma always outdoes herself when it comes to preparing meals and giving gifts. I always treasure these gifts, because these are the ways in which she shows her love.

Before heading to my grandparents house, my family and I visited my old babysitter, who is now in assisted living. Elaine took care of me when I was a little girl, and I have fond memories of our time together. She’s a strong, independent woman who has lived an interesting life: she and her husband owned a pig farm, she worked at a newspaper, and has lived independently for most of her life, even after her husband passed away. She’s a loving, kind woman–I was very glad to see her again.

Elaine was very happy that we came to visit her. Her room has several pictures that remind her of her favorite things: pigs, for one, and memories of living on her farm. The picture of her farm is beautiful: a large sprawling farm with a barn and a field off to one side. In the upper corner, there’s what appears to be a lake. There’s also a cute picture of two little boys in overalls. One of them asks the other, “Been farming much today?”

We were able to give her her Christmas gifts: a calendar with pictures of Sweden, and a tin of gingersnap cookies. We also gave Elaine our Christmas card.

We each gave her a hug when we started and ended our visit. It was clear that we made her day. I love that I can bring joy to Elaine, and give back all these years later.

Hope everyone had a good weekend,


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