#weekendcoffeeshare March 29th – 31st

Hello, again!

If we were having coffee, I’d probably be sipping a Keurig concoction, one that involves cream. This weekend, I worked, relaxed at home, and finished Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.

Let’s recap this weekend, shall we?

Friday, I worked an early cashiering shift, then went home and finished reading Piper Kerman’s memoir. I returned to re-reading A Little Life and Call Me by Your Name. I’m a little more than halfway through Call Me by Your Name. It’s very good: romantic, sexual, and a solid coming of age novel. I’m again transfixed by Oliver Wyman’s voice as he narrates A Little Life.

Saturday, I didn’t work. Mom and I took down the pictures from the Butler’s pantry’s back hallway. Dad stood precariously on a stool to get the very last of the posters on the wall. After dusting off the picture frames–most of them of family members–we put them in two plastic buckets and are storing them on the play porch. Kelly is coming to paint the walls a light green. (He’s a fast painter: the last time he painted our kitchen a light blue and the ceiling a new coat of white, he did the work in half a day.)

Sunday, today, I worked until seven p.m. and am planning on reading more of my books while coloring. This helps me keep my hands busy while re-reading books. I’m also planning on setting up a time to hang out with my boyfriend later in the week. I haven’t had a chance to go see him since the fall–we’ve had so much snow here in Minnesota!

I’ve had a great March. Looking forward to April.

Here’s to weekends,


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