#weekendcoffeeshare March 22 – 24

Good morning! Welcome to my latest March #weekendcoffeeshare.

If we were having coffee, I’d choose an Apple Spice from Starbucks. (I keep botching the name, but the girls at work know what I’m talking about.) It’s like drinking apple cider in the fall. It’s delicious!

Because of my work schedule, I have untraditional weekends. I usually work–which I’m used to–but every once in a while I get days off. Let’s recap this weekend, shall we?

Friday, I think I just chilled around the house. I read more of Call Me by Your Name, a novel that I’ve heard is really good, but hadn’t got around to reading yet. Purchasing it as a pre-birthday present to myself, I started this novel early March. Spending the day with Mom–who has recovered well from her latest knee surgery–I occasionally retrieved ice packs and got her coffee and her breakfast bar.

Our golden retriever, Bentley, has faithfully stayed by her side. She likes to lie next to her whenever she’s doing her exercises. (At one point, Bentley was leaning her body against my Mom, which caused Mom to burst out laughing.) She will curl up in Mom’s office chair while she’s on the computer. Basically, Bentley just sticks by my Mom’s side. She still goes on her daily morning walks with my dad.

Saturday, I worked a mid-morning to a late afternoon shift. We were pretty busy, which helped make my day go by quickly. Rory (my boyfriend) called me a few times to see if I wanted to hang out, but I was feeling pretty tired, so I ended up going to bed early. Usually, I’m feeling up to gaming–we’ve got a multiplayer game of Stardew Valley going, or we’ll catch up on whatever TV show or YouTube video we’re watching. I like Call Me Kevin, an Irish YouTuber who likes to mess around in the Sims. He’s a good storyteller, and makes plenty of mistakes, but these are what make his videos enjoyable.

Sunday, I was planning on writing this blog post, but didn’t have enough time. I had to get up early for my Monday shift at work. Instead, I added the trailer for the theater version of A Little Life. I wrote the blog post the day before, and felt it was in need of a little something. The play itself looks visceral and gripping. The only downfall of the play is that it’s in Dutch, which I don’t speak. I also wanted to read more, but I ended up crashing once I went to sleep.

Overall, I had a great weekend!

How was your weekend?

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